Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1696 Blazing Devil

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Chapter 1696 Blazing Devil

Leonel's spear snaked through the skies, continuing to thrust forward as though he hadn't sensed the coming auras at all. The smile on his face was still there, beaming like a secondary ray of light. It was in stark contrast to the blood and cries that flew around him. From any perspective, he truly looked like a demon incarnate.


The eyes of many of the Sword Faction that had dulled with despair suddenly lit up. Of the three approaching auras, two of them were very familiar and were members of the Suiard family. As for the last, although he wasn't a member of the Suiard family, with how popular the sword was as a weapon, how could it be that only the Suiard family would produce astounding talents?

Regardless of which of the three it was, they had already surpassed Tier 6 of the Sixth Dimension. Both Suiard family members had a firm grasp of the Sword Domain Lineage Factor, while the third of them had completed 70% of the Sword Pagoda.

All three of them, while not being members of the Cataclysm Generation, were individuals who had entered with the next generation, placing them with the likes of the youths Leonel had met at the Void Tower.

And yet, even with all of this being the case, Leonel didn't seem to react to their call at all, his expression casual and unhurried.

The three were immediately infuriated. None of them believed that Leonel hadn't heard them which meant that he had purposely ignored them without a care.

They had more reasons than just this to be infuriated as well. After all, the three of them had just been preparing to enter the Sword Pagoda just a moment ago, only to be interrupted by Leonel's arrogant roar.

When they entered in range of the battle and saw their fellow swordsmen and women being practically crippled one after another, their gazes went red, especially when they noticed that Leonel was actually using the Absolute Spear Domain.

To think that a member of the Morales family would actually come here so arrogantly!

The two Suiard family youths flashed forward without hesitation, flipping their palms over to expose radiant swords.

The trio appeared just ten meters from Leonel in the blink of an eye, all three of them launching all out strikes from the very beginning without showing the slightest hint of mercy. They didn't even consider the rules of the Void Palace. If Leonel was truly crippled, or worse yet, died, that would be trouble they would deal with after the fact.

However, just when their Sword Force was prepared to tear Leonel to pieces, his Absolute Spear Domain trembled, pulsing once and shattering the sword lights into what looked like flecks of broken glass.

With a step, Leonel's figure vanished and he appeared before the three, his spear striking out just once and yet all of suddenly felt as though their lives were in danger. Their pupils constricted and the hairs on the back of their necks stood at attention as their hearts palpitated.

Without hesitation, they all raised their swords to block.

A strong force pushed against the three of them, causing them all to take heavy steps backward.

A grave expression spread across their faces as they looked toward Leonel with a hardly concealed wariness. The strength behind that blow was far too monstrous and it was clear that his control over the Absolute Spear Domain was at a ridiculous level. But worst of all, his personal strength was still more than enough to overwhelm them even after splitting it into three.

The Absolute Spear Domain was, indeed, able to attack multiple people at once, but the drawback was also dividing your attack strength by that many times as well. If this was taken to its logical conclusion… This person was more than three times more powerful than each one of them!

Their heads shook furiously, unable to believe such a thing. Battle intent raged in their eyes and they stomped the ground hard to stop their backward momentum. Brandishing their swords, they charged forward once again, their Sword Force radiating outward.

The two Suiard family members both activated their Absolute Sword Domains, but neither was satisfied with just this alone, a tinge of red lighting their eyes.

Leonel raised an eyebrow.

This aura, he recognized it. Back when he had defeated Amery relying on the White Lion Bow, his gaze and aura had both turned quite dark. With Leonel's sharp senses, he could tell that Amery was being forced to hold something back.

Of course, he still didn't know that Amery had been preparing for his Sword Domain Tribulation back then and in order to suppress it in wait for an optimal time, he chose to seal away much of his strength to keep the ring from erupting ahead of time.

That said, as threatening as Amery was back then when he almost lost control, these three were like pitiful toddlers in comparison. Leonel only felt that it felt somewhat familiar.

'In that case, this should be the Lineage Factor of the Suiard family. They should be the only other family outside of the Morales who have two Lineage Factors to their bloodline. But… everyone in the Morales family who can awaken both is an Heir candidate. Could it be that these two are also Heir candidates?'

What Leonel didn't know was that the Suiard family Lineage Factor worked differently. Much like most Lineage Factors, their main Lineage Factor, or the equivalent of the Morales family's Metal Synergy Lineage Factor, could be awakened in degrees.

The difference was that in the Suiard family, the degree to which it was awakened was decided at birth and couldn't be steadily awakened like Leonel's Metal Synergy Lineage Factor.

As a result, everyone in the Suiard family had awakened this Lineage Factor to a certain degree…

The Blazing Devil Lineage Factor.

The two Suiard family members howled into the air, a wild and savage aura coming off from them that turned their Sword Force a tinge of crimson.

Leonel's gaze flashed.

'Okay, show me what you've got.'

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