Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1699 Waves

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Chapter 1699 Waves

[AN: sorry everyone, have a splitting headache right now so I only managed to squeeze out two chapters]

It felt like every time Leonel did something new, the information brokers of the Void Palace would try their best to keep a rein on the information. After all, this was how they made money, how could they not do such a thing> 

However, it was slowly becoming impossible to continue to do this. From the Void Tower, to the Bow Pagoda, then to the Spear Pagoda, and then to the Sword Faction. Every step Leonel took through the Void Palace only caused more and more waves. 

Soon, the number of individuals who had heard of things that happened began to overlap and quickly news began to disseminate. 

First it was the results of Leonel's climb up the Void Tower. This was one of the most difficult things to hide because of the news names of the ranking list, and it was especially difficult because the names used were simply too shocking. 

The name Morales was one that echoed loudly through the Human Domain. In fact, as one of the strongest forces of the humans, it was likewise a name many of the other races were well aware of as well. 

The moment the name 'Leonel Morales' was seen on the leaderboards, the forgotten Seventh Nova anchored his place in the minds of many who had long since forgotten him. 

However, this was just the very beginning. In fact, it could be said that Leonel's name wasn't actually the most shocking one to be seen on that list because in the near quarter century he and Aina had disappeared for, the names of the prominent families of Earth had likewise come into the public consciousness. 

The name Brazinger carried with it an all new connotation, a sort of weight that could very well increase to the point it stood next to the greatest families of the Human Domain, or at the very least, that was the way those of the Human Domain saw it. 

Not many knew that Leonel was of Earth and that he shared a lineage with its current Emperor. But now that everyone knew that his woman was actually a member of this new and shocking family, it caused an uproar in its own right. 


Those that had been fighting against Leonel that day were so distracted by him and his results that they hadn't even registered the fact that Aina was, in fact, a Brazinger. 

Due to this, the wave of shock toward Leonel lessened for a bit in some regards and increased in others. A lot of things suddenly made sense. 

Aina was an exceptional talent, one that would most definitely have long since claimed a spot on the Queen Beauty Rankings already had she not disappeared for so long. But she had also seemingly come out of nowhere. 

The Void Palace was a place where everyone could come so long as certain standards were met, so Aina's background had never been important. After all, let alone Aina, the Void Palace had even admitted some non-humans in the past and present, although they were in a very small minority. 

Now, though, it all seemed to make sense. Could it be that the Morales family had had a stake in Earth long ago? 

This seemed like a very simple question, but the weight behind its answer couldn't be underestimated. 

Earth had been a taboo for a very long time because it could very well be the center of another all out war within the Human Domain, something that couldn't be allowed to happen with danger lurking over the horizon. If, though, the Morales family had made such a bet in the past, this could spark another conflict. 

It had to be remembered that even with the Camelot Zone being tampered with in the past, it was done extremely covertly. In fact, just for that matter, in order to silence Leonel, the latter had almost suffered the punishment of death. If it hadn't been for his grandfather taking action back then and crushing the opposition, Leonel would likely be dead already. 

This matter was clearly not a simple one at all and it was news that was capable of causing a tsunami of waves through the Void Palace. 

​ But before that wave could even settle, the matters began to pile up one after another. 

First it was the battle with Conon. With news of the Void Tower spreading, how could news of this not spread as well? The idea that the invincible armor of the Cataclysm Generation was coming crashing down was enough to leave many in stunned shock until a simple fact was remembered…

Wasn't Leonel, too, a member of the Cataclysm Generation? In fact, not only was he a member, he was one of the only three to gain Amethyst Token rights when the Selection had come to an end, and of the other two… One was the Sword Deity and the other was actually his girlfriend. 

News that the battle between Leonel and Conon was not only won by the former, but easily at that, was a shocking revelation that most still weren't willing to accept despite this truth. 

However, even this dust wouldn't settle before news of a man clearing the 12th floor of the Bow Pagoda was spread, and it only made it more polarizing that this man was banned from entering the Archery Faction for the next ten years right after for nearly crippling a member of the Tarius family.

All of this came to a head when it was learned that this was once again a feat of Leonel, shocking to an extreme and enough to leave people in complete and utter silence. 

Unfortunately, the news that day was truly relentless. 

Right after, news of the Spear Faction's Spear Pagoda being cleared to perfection spread like wildfire, but it didn't even have time to calm before the so-called "Massacre of the Sword Faction" fell. 

An unsettling sort of silence fell over the Void Palace, but the man in question was taking a nice nap. Since he was unable to find Aina, he couldn't be bothered to do much other than wait for his Void Points and make a final trip to the Void Library, everything else was meaningless to him. 

As for the reactions of the Void Palace, though it would probably mean something later, he still couldn't be bothered to give it much thought.

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