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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1766 Quake

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Chapter 1766 Quake

Leonel's Dream Force surged; enveloping the puppet forms of his brothers; His face immediately went pale under the strain; Compared to resurrecting a soul that had just fallen and this; the difficulty was several orders of magnitude separated; 

In that instant, Leonel didn't hesitate to purge the souls he still had under his control; They would only last for a few more hours regardless, between that and his brothers, the answer was all too obvious; The only one he kept in his possession was Simeon because he still hadn't finished asking all the questions he needed to just yet; 

Slowly. Leonel extricated what remained of his brother's soul. slowly nurturing them to the point they became whole once more; But. rather than taking the final step and giving them form. he brought the silver tablet forward; 

Leonel wasn't actually sure if this would work; From what he originally knew about the silver; it was only designed to be used with the Zone in specific; He had tried to experiment with it before; but it had no reaction in the face of death; 

However. the Leonel of the past and the current Leonel were vastly different; Now. he could directly control soul; Theoretically. the reaction the silver tablet had now should be different from the past; If the souls were provided to it. instead of just a normal corpse. there was no reason why it would react differently; 


With Leonel's current perspective; he knew that the constructs hidden within the silver tablet were actually just souls that the silver tablet was preserving; Somehow the silver tablet could replicate some of the abiltiies of the Emperor's Might Lineage Factor and seemingly with even far greater ease; It only made Leonel more curious as to the true origins of this tablet; 

Leonel's pupils suddenly constricted; 

He sensed it right then; The silver tablet had reached some sort of peak capacity; If he wanted to use it on his brothers, he would need to… 

Leonel hadn't expected this; The souls of his brothers had actually all reached the Seventh Dimension already, and this very clearly placed a great amount of strain on the silver tablet; In fact, Leonel had a feeling that this was probably the limit of the silver tablet; 

But this only made sense; Aina's father had a bronze tablet that seemingly had the exact same functions; There had to be something that separated them; and this seemed to be it; If Leonel was correct; the limit of the Silver Tablet was probably in preserving and resurrecting Seventh Dimensional souls; 

Leonel's expression went cold; He knew his decision would kill the souls that remained in the silver tablet; but he didn't hesitate to make the choice; With a thought; he allowed his brothers' souls into the silver tablet; causing large swaths of the remaining souls within to disperse one after another; 

"Anastasia. convert the remaining resources into Pure Neutral Qi."

The remaining resources Leonel was referring to were the raw ores and Force Crystals he had managed to save in constructing his Divine Armors by making use of the abilities of the Cleansing Waters; He ended up needing less than half of the resources he had traded for back then, and now they would come in handy in bringing his brothers back to him; 

The Segmented Cube was still a finger sleeve on Leonel's hand. so it wasn't difficult for Leonel to access it and communicate with Anastasia. In just a few moments. a concentrated stream of pure energy began to emit from his finger. pouring into the silver tablet. 

Leonel watched with a gaze as steely as cool metal, his heartbeat steady. 

If this worked. then everything would be fine. If it didn't. he would show those so-called Great Families true pain. He didn't care what their true origin was. he would bury them all. 

The silver tablet trembled and five beams of light shot out, motes of light rotating and quickly taking form. Only when Leonel saw this did he breathe a slight breath of relief, but even then, there was still a hint of trepidation within him. 

It was one thing to bring the likes of Elthor or his King Oryx father back to life, after all, Leonel didn't have much interaction with them. However, he was far more worried about this. What if they were no longer the same? Was life and death really so easy to play around with? And what about the state of the souls, what if the issues they had were due to this forced method he was using? 

With Leonel's speed of thought, he thought of dozens of potential issues per breath, and they only seemed to snowball into larger and larger problems until he stopped breathing entirely. 

One after another, the motes of lights solidified into five bodies that slowly opened their eyes one after another. 

The five looked around and met each other's gazes first, seemingly in a daze. 

Raj blinked, locking eyes with Milan before he jumped so high his head nearly hit the ceiling, his rotund stomach rolling in waves. 


"Ghost?" Milan was confused for a second before he looked down at himself and then back up again. Suddenly, he felt enraged for no reason. "Who the hell's the ghost?! You're the ghost! Are you trying to curse me to death?!"

Milan swiped at the air and jumping Raj suddenly found a bubble of Force surrounding him. The bubble of Force shook wildly, causing Raj to bounce around and end up too dizzy to see straight. 

"Let me out you ghost! Dammit!" Raj roared and a strong surge of Earth Force shot out in all directions. 

"Call me a ghost one more time, jigglytubby!"

"Fuck, you're here too rabbit ears?" Gil was so distracted by Raj and Milan that he only now noticed that Franco was right next to him. "Why are you naked? Even if you want to be a pervert, there should be a limit, right?"

Franco was speechless before he suddenly mumbled to himself. "Did I end up in the same fiery pit as this idiot? No way, I had more karma than that. Where's god, I have a few words for him. Which pair of eyes did he use to judge my life, what the fuck is this?"

"Probably the same pair of eyes that saw you fuck Marcy's sister while she was downstairs having an argument with her parents about you," Gil jabbed back. 

"He saw that and still put me here? That should have been in my highlight reel!"

Drake was the most silent of them all, but when he looked around and his eyes landed on Leonel, they couldn't help but open wide. 


The sudden yell snapped them all awake and their heads snapped toward Leonel all at once. 

Leonel was stunned for a moment as well before he suddenly burst into a laughter that rocked the entire flagship, he laughed so hard that tears threatened to spill from his eyes. Other than his brothers, who else would react like this after snubbing death? 

They didn't even waste any time before they were suddenly at each other's throats, they didn't even notice his presence. 

Just when Leonel wanted to say something more, the entire flagship quaked, but this time, he was sure it had nothing to do with his laughter. 

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