Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1786 Libli And Dynmo

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Chapter 1786 Libli And Dynmo

1786 Libli and Dynmo

Leonel stretched slightly, his body popping and crackling. Just now, he had caught a glimpse of what the highest echelons of Dream Force Manipulation looked like, and it almost instantly enlightened him. However, even with this, he only felt that the gap between himself and this individual only widened further.

Even so,the pressure of Leonel's Dream Force had just become more suffocating.

He could feel the limitations his body placed on his Seventh Dimensional Dream Force loosen by a great deal. It was clear that strengthening one's Force Manipulation could break down Dimensional barriers prematurely. Breaking through via this method felt so much different than it had in the Fifth Dimension.

Leonel felt as though he had become an elevated being, as though he was truly transcending through the Dimensions, like he was shedding his mortality.

He tightened and loosened his fists, feeling the air around him trembling. This was just a Sixth Dimensional world and the power he felt over it was palpable.

He felt like he could crush a mountain with a single stop and split the skies in two.This was true power. Even so, he didn't feel the slightest hint of complacency.

The looming shadow of that figure hung over his shoulder, reminding him just how weak he was. At the same time, that hidden danger he had been sensing all this time could come around any time now, he didn't want to relax.

Leonel stretched a hand forward and the Bronze Tablet shot up and into his hands. "Take it",Leonel threw the Bronze Tablet over to Seltin without much hesitation.

Even she was slightly stunned. She blinked, touching the cool surface. Even now, she could feel her blood stirring within herself. She had already brought the Shadow Tail Lineage Factor to the peak of its potential long ago, she had been waiting for this day for too long.

"Are you sure?"

"There's nothing to be hesitant about. For what they did to my grandfather,the Three Finger Cult will definitely fall in my lifetime with or without you all, that I can promise. But if you all are serious about following through on your Ancestor's intentions, then I will invest now and reap the rewards later."

Leonel waved a hand. "Soon, I'll be launching a mission against the Thrusting Skies Sector, prepare an elite group of a hundred, whatever the best you can display for now is. I will be going to the Midas and Radix families now. Originally, I was going to have you participate in this as well, but now..."


Leonel looked down and his hands,feeling the strength coursing through him. "... I don't think it's necessary anymore." Leonel turned to leave with a smile, waving a hand. If it was before and Leonel had spoken about taking out the Three Finger Cult without them, the members of the Umbra family might not have been able to take it seriously. However, it could be understated just how impossible it was to have such a breakthrough in the Sixth Dimension.

To skip a level was practically unheard of. So when Leonel spoke...they subconsciously believed him.


He vexpected the Midas and Radix families to be even easier to deal with than the Umbra family had with the Umbra, he had no such thing with this two-pronged family, and yet he didn't even have to shed a single hint of blood to find himself deep within their territory, face to face with their new Patriarch and Matriarch.

Leonel knew the two of them quite well as he had fought the both of them before, Libli the petite young woman, and Dynmo, the 2.5 meter tall behemoth of a man.

After over two decades,their marriage had long since occurred and they might very well have children between them now. However, quite frankly, the two of them looked horrible. From what Leonel could tell, they really seemed to be on their last legs. It only took a single sweep for Leonel to understand.

"The Florer family?" Libli managed to keep her calm after Leonel said these words, but it was Dynmo,the simple one between the two,that wore his heart too clearly on his sleeve.

He reacted almost immediately when Leonel spoke, making it all too obvious that this was the case.

Toward her husband, Libli could only release an exasperated sigh.

The last time Dynmo had seen Leonel, he had gotten his shoulder crushed and found himself tossed into a snowglobe. If not for Leonel choosing to release him back to his family, he wouldn't even be here, and it could be said that it was because of this slight good will that Leonel's journey here had been made so easy.

Even so, Dynmo had a psychological weakness in the face of Leonel that was even worse compared to usual, so he found it very hard to hide anything,especially when Leonel was being so blunt and straight forward. "Prince Leonel, we hope that you can help us out a small measure. As you know, our Midas and Radix family, and their Florer family, have never seen eye to eye because we own two halves of the same inheritance."

"Back during Earth's rise into the Sixth Dimension,the Florer family made the mistake of attacking again, and they suffered a huge loss at the hands of the Umbra family and others, which saved us quite some trouble. But in recent years,they've been making a comeback and the pressure has returned tenfold, and things are only worse now given the retreat of Shield Cross Stars."

"If things keep trending in this direction, our family will be finished. They've always been more powerful than us, and if not for the union of our two families, we would have been crushed."

"I know that Imperial Prince needs help from others for the Morales family Heir Wars, but it's impossible for you to gain the help of the truly powerful families due to the muddy politics. If you help our family to complete our inheritance by snatching away the Florer family's secrets, I can guarantee that we will be of great help to you!" Libli exhaled a breath as though it had taken up all of her energy to get this out.

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