Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1792 Seance

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Chapter 1792 Seance

1792 Seance

Leonel's gaze flashed, his spear piercing forward.CLANG!The ground imploded, the buildings in the surroundings cracking apart. In that moment, it looked as though a perfect sphere had expanded in the center of the battlefield before vanishing,leaving nothing but a vast nothingness in its wake.

The two separated and instantly shot forward once again, their weapons crossing back and forth, dancing between glancing blows and all out attacks that sent them both flying dozens of meters backward.In just a few exchanges, it felt like the entire Florer family estate had been razed to the ground,their power far too strong for a Sixth Dimensional world to handle with any sort of ease.creeping up around him, eating at his own Force. It swallowed it all with more forcefulness than even Anarchic Force seemed capable of, and yet it was precisely because of his experience with Anarchic Force that Leonel was somewhat able to deal with it.

A pair of cold gazes met across a duo of crossing blades. Harmony's scythe sliced downward,shifting the weight of Leonel's spear and parrying it to the side. Her hips twisted and her body spun, three quick strikes descended toward Leonel's off balance figure. The blade moved so quickly that its afterimages looked like a blooming lotus of Scythe Force,wafting an eerie deadly aura.


Leonel's Absolute Spear Domain raged, rotating with such speed that it deflected all three blows. At the same time, Leonel's spear tip seemed to vanish into the void. It looked like he had been pierced by Harmony, her parry causing him to be off the mark by a few feet. And yet, the moment his spear tip vanished, it appeared at her throat as though it had always been there.

Harmony's pupils constricted, however her expression remained calm."OOooOOooOO." She pursed her cherry lips,her veil fluttering as she released the sound of a soothing harmony. It sounded almost like the seance of a religious cult. There didn't seem to be any force behind it at all, in fact it was no different from the delicate hum of a young girl. And yet, Leonel's spear felt as though it had met an immovable object. A gentle pulsing light radiated out in all directions. When it met Leonel's Absolute Spear Domain, it passed through it as though it substance at all.

When it met Leonel's Bronze Aura, the outcome was the exact same. It crashed into Leonel's body, sending him flying backward. Despite the slow speed of the pulsing light, Leonel felt as though he had been hit by a speeding truck, his body flying out like an arrow out of a bow. At the same time, a dense,dark energy began to eat at his skin and the Force within his body.

Leonel grunted, a surge of Vital Star Force rushing through his body and crushing the Death Pulse Force. He spun through the air, trying to regain his bearings. However, before he could, Harmony appeared above him, her scythe swinging down like the vicious stinger of a scorpion.

Leonel's expression remained cold and indifferent, his spear piercing upward. His blade seemed to draw a line in the skies, even in such a compromised position, he didn't seem to lose any momentum or torque at all.


Their blades crossed but Harmony pulled back faster than usual, suddenly kicking down toward Leonel, her bare heel colliding with his sternum. Leonel's body shot downward like a meteor, a harsh whistling sound echoing through the surroundings. Just as he was about to land on the ground, he flipped, landing heavily on his feet. All around him, the earth shattered and crumbled.

Up in the skies, high above, Harmony spread out her arms and legs like a starfish, her scythe being held tightly in one hand as she freefell. The wind rushed by her and fluttered her robes, a malevolent expression on her face as her tallhorns suddenly began to spark. At first, it just looked like subtle arcsoft lighting, but very quickly, it was as though the void had been torn apart and a small rotating black hole-like sphere took form, pulsing every time it expanded in size.

In just a few breaths, it was over ten meters in diameter and Harmony opened her soft cherry lips once more, her veil wildly flapping in the wind.


A sonorous call echoed and the pulsing black sphere suddenly appeared on the ground right above Leonel, crashing down with a speed that was nigh impossible to react to. Leonel felt as though an entire world had suddenly and lakes began to tower into the skies, forming tsunamis that flooded the surrounding green forests. The magnetic poles were knocked out of alignment, causing the perpetual spring-like temperatures to shift, forming a deathly heat in some regions and a frosty cold in others. At the same time, unearthed volcanoes began to erupt and earthquakes ravaged the surroundings.

It felt as though if Harmony's target was the planet itself and not Leonel, she could have wiped it all out with just that blow alone. Harmony was enveloped by the pillar of her own attack, but she continued to descend, her scythe slicing downward and splitting it into two. Her gaze was filled with a fiery light. She wanted Leonel's head. She hit the ground.


Her palms slapped together, catching Harmony's scythe blade before it could descend any further. The claps echoed like the roars of thunder.

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