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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1797 Breathe Life

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Chapter 1797 Breathe Life

1797 Breathe Life

"Anya," Leonel said lightly. An airy laughter came from the other side, she seemed genuinely happy that Leonel had remembered her despite the coldness in his voice.

As for that part, she didn't seem to have noticed it at all, or maybe she had ignored it on purpose.

"I'm happy that you remember me, but you seem to have gone back to your old habits. Didn't we already have a conversation about your coldness? I thought you had changed for the better."

"Is this your way of reminding me of the two favors I owe you?" Leonel replied just as coldly.

"If you choose to take it that way, you can. But I have to try to save my own little sister, no? Wouldn't you do the same?"

Leonel remained silent. Theanswer to that question was obviously yes, but the circumstances didn't allow him to directly admit such a thing.

And He also wasn't some sanctimonious individual, he wasn't about to let someone so dangerous off just because he owed her sister a couple small favors.

Those matters were so miniscule that unless someone had memory on the level of Leonel, one would be hard pressed to remember that such a thing had happened at all.

Leonel could almost feel Anya's smile through the phone.

She didn't seem put off by his silence at all, she seemed to be too relaxed for someone who should have been worried about her sister's safety.

"It seems that you don't like me very much, that's unfortunate.I thought that we were friends."

Anya didn't seem to be faking it, but Leonel also wasn't the type of person to be easily swayed by such things.

As far as he was concerned, Anya was his enemy so long as she dared to stand on that side. When they first met, she had already threatened him.

In context, her saying that he was dangerous was no different from wanting his life, it meant he was a threat, a threat to their ultimate goals, a roadblock along their path, and usually such things had to be removed no matter what.

"I understand if you hate me, but if you could please spare my little sister, I would be endlessly grateful. If she cannot beat you now, it is unlikely that she will ever be a threat to you. Please let her go."

Leonel didn't respond. Was he a child? He could tell that Harmony hadn't known how to use her Radiance Sovereignty to even a fraction of its ability.

The best attack she could muster was a beam of white light, and the best thing she got out of it was the amplification of her Shadow Sovereignty, even allowing her to exist within the Shadow Realm while attacking, which was how she had managed to ignore all of his clones.

If she used this loss as a catalyst to work on her Radiance Sovereignty more instead of ignoring it for whatever reason, her power would increase by reaching the same level of mastery with it as she had with her Shadow Sovereignty, her strength wouldn't just be a few times stronger.

On top of that, if she ever managed to get her hands on the light half of the Northern Star Lineage Factor, even Leonel Wouldn't be sure of whether he could defeat her through normal means or not.

Releasing such a person was absolute nonsense.

"I will not let her go. I will let her live. Considering this repayment. The slate is now clean."

Leonel's Force dispersed and the communication was severed. He bent to a knee and pressed a finger against Harmony's Forehead.

A surge of violet fog condensed into a seal that entered her Ethereal Glabella. At the same time, Leonel's Emulation Spatial Force shone and perfectly camouflaged the seal.

Although he was confident in his own abilities, there was nothing wrong with an added layer of protection. He Didn't know what special abilities Harmony might or might not have.

After he was done, he tossed her into a snowglobe and walked toward the Florer family's estate.

Quite a number had been affected by the battle, but if they were smart, they should have evacuated.

The planet likely wouldn't be habitable again for a long while unless someone powerful acted to personally fix it all.

It wasn't long before Leonel found the remains of the Florer family still trying their best to escape.

Although they had warships, having used some of them to attack Earth, the logistics of such a quick evacuation was complex and there would always be fools unwilling to leave behind their valuable possessions, only to end up bringing along too much.

When the remains of the Florer family saw Leonel, their hearts shuddered, and they seemed to only become more afraid after he allowed his armor to fade into his body.

For some reason, his real face was even scarier. However, when Leonel started helping with the evacuation, they didn't know how to feel. None of them dared to say anything.

This was a man who could destroy their home with just the residual strikes of his battle, if he really wanted to destroy them, it would be as easy as flipping over a palm.

With Leonel's existence, none dared to make a fuss anymore, many even directly leaving their belongings by the roadside to scurry into the warship.

It was as though they all had a tacit agreement not to waste Leonel's Time. Not long later,Leonel sat in a room across from the three head elders of the Florer family.

They all had their heads down, not daring to meet his gaze, none even brought up compensation for the destruction of their planet.

Leonel had met those people head on, and presumably since he returned, he had dispatched them. How could they dare to go against him now?

"Your half of the inheritance, explain it to me. What abilities does it give you?"

"This..." The three head elders smiled bitterly. It seemed that Leonel meant they had no chance at keeping their inheritance. They had let their ancestors down.

"We can... Breathe Life into our affinities."

"Explain," Leonel said.

Elder Cherie hesitated before she shook her head.

"In my youth, I liked cherries, so I chose to assimilate with a cherry tree. It was just an ordinary cherry tree when I first got a hold of it, but I was able to change its destiny with my choice. It went from a Fourth Dimensional tree to now having Sixth Dimensional strength after it reached maturity.”

Leonel frowned. Was he wrong? Had he been incorrect about the correlation between this inheritance and the Morales family?

Or was he missing something here? And why were they having such a hard time explaining what their own Lineage Factor could do?

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