Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1851 PCHU!

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Chapter 1851 PCHU!

Leonel's jaw steeled. He realized that without his Ability Index, his ability to remain cold and analytical had dampened quite a measure. It was an odd experience for him as he had had this ability with him for as long as he could remember. Even back on Earth when it was still in the Third Dimension, he could tap into it.

But now, it was entirely suppressed. It was the first time Leonel had experienced such a thing. Even the Dimensional Cleanse trial zone couldn't suppress his Ability Index. Whatever the Spear Domain Ring was, or whatever its origins, it was clearly a step beyond, maybe even beyond what the Regulator could control. That seemed to be the only explanation.

When Leonel realized this, his gaze became icy. He was his Ability Index, not the other way around.

The wolf suddenly stretched out its body, kneeling close to the ground.

Leonel's gaze narrowed. 'It's about to jump.'

He knew that this was a life or death matter. The agility of this wolf and its strength was definitely far beyond the saber toothed tiger. He had already noticed in his journey here that in this place, bigger size equaled bigger strength.

In that case, if the saber toothed tiger could jump across hundreds of meters, this wolf could definitely reach him even though he was so high up.


The wolf jumped and Leonel pierced out with his spear at the exact same time. He revolved the only ability he had: his Spear Domain Lineage Factor, and thrust down with a pulse of blinding golden light.


His spear blade vanished and appeared hundreds of meters below, timing its appearance perfectly and just as the wolf was gathering all of its momentum. In that instant, Leonel's strike downward and the wolf's jump upward combined in strength.

Leonel felt a surging power travel up his arm, threatening to break it, but he grit his teeth and held strong until his feet were lifted up and off the branch he was on.

This time, there was no recovery. He flew up and back with astonishing speed even as the wolf below howled in misery and unbridled rage.

Leonel's blade had aimed right for its most sensitive region: its eyes. Clearly, this beast hadn't expected Leonel's blade to suddenly appear out of nowhere, nor had it expected for its own jumping momentum to be used against it. In that instant, it was half blinded and its jumping spiraled out of control, losing half its strength and causing its body to spin off to the side.

Leonel crashed against the barrier that had caused all of this to happen and nearly lost control of his spear. His inner organs rattled and his bones almost shattered. Luckily, although his other Lineage Factors and abilities were suppressed, his body still retained some of its rigidity, albeit weakened to a great extent. So, he avoided the most devastating sorts of damage.

Even so, he found himself sliding down a perfectly vertical forcefield with nothing but air between himself and a more than 300 meter fall.

Leonel didn't even look back toward the forcefield. He knew that his crashing up against it had also knocked him out of range of using it to propel himself to another tree. So, instead, he looked toward the spiraling wolf and pierced out again.

His strike was cold and precise.

He had realized a few things in this short exchange.

The first and most obvious was that his Spear Domain Lineage Factor was indeed his greatest reliance and it could, indeed, pose a threat to these creatures, no matter how minimal.

Second, these creatures lacked any sort of real intelligence, at least not any comparable to higher Dimensional creatures or humans. At the very least, this was true for the ones he had come across until this point.

Third... he wasn't helpless.

These were things he probably would have realized instantly if his Ability Index and split minds hadn't been locked away. But even so, it was a realization he was happy with nonetheless. As the saying went, better late than never.

Leonel's strike landed perfectly on the spiraling wolf's other eye, blinding it completely as it howled in sheer madness and malice-laced fury.

Its claws and tail lashed out in all directions, just hoping and praying that it could hit Leonel just one good time. It knew that the human that had done this to it was fragile and weak, just one hit would end his puny life.

Unfortunately for it, Leonel had used the rebounding momentum of that strike to land in another tree while it fell heavily into the ground.

Even so, the wolf's claws and tail spun around with such fierce momentum that it left blade marks in surrounding trees without even physically touching them. The prowess of this wolf was simply off of the charts.

Even with his success, Leonel's expression was solemn.

He had put his everything into those two strikes, and had even attacked the wolf's most sensitive and fragile region, and yet he hadn't managed to kill it. Even the flesh of the wolf's eyes were so sturdy that he barely managed to pierce in a few inches, he couldn't even imagine what would have happened if he targeted another part of its body instead.

Leonel braced himself.

He knew why. He was too far away. If he wanted to take this behemoth down before its tantrum called anymore beasts over, he had to get closer.

Leonel ripped off a tree branch and threw it in a direction after coating it with Spear Force.


The instant the wolf turned in that direction, Leonel swooped down from the skies, his movements fast and agile.

He landed without the hint of a sound, ducking beneath the swinging tail of the wolf beast and piercing out with his full might.


The eye of the wolf was punctured again, this time by a half foot.

Leonel jumped back dodging out of the range of a claw strike, but even so, the residual force shredded the skin of his chest apart.

Leonel knew that he had been located by the wolf just now, he had underestimated its senses. But even so, he unleashed a roar, thrusting again with his greatest strength.

The golden crown of a spear appearing upon his forehead and his aura caused the wind to still.

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