Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1855 Finite

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Chapter 1855 Finite

When Aina received the news, her gaze became frighteningly cold. She moved to stand, but it was Yuri who placed a hand on hers.

Aina looked over, her gaze still quite scary. However, Yuri only smiled lightly, seemingly quite used to this. Maybe only she and Leonel could face this look of Aina's.

"I know you want to make them pay as soon as possible, but you also have other responsibilities here, no?" Yuri asked softly.

Hearing this, Aina took a breath and exhaled. That was right. Currently, she wasn't Aina Brazinger. For all intents and purposes, she was currently Aina Morales. She had sworn to herself that she wouldn't change her name until the Brazinger family most wanted her to have it. However, for Leonel, she was willing to forget that vow for a while.

In Leonel's presence, she was allowed to be as willful as she wanted. But in his absence, she had to step into his role. She wasn't as good of a leader as Leonel was, but at the very least, she had to be present. If she went off looking for murder, who would take care of things back here?

"You're right," Aina said lightly before she exhaled a final breath and calmed down entirely.

She looked down at her ring finger. She had put the ring there purposely to remind herself. It wasn't for the sake of being googly eyed and in love, that was the furthest thing from her personality. It was an anchor to remind herself not to lose herself in her murderous intent.

"Then we'll do things the smart way. Have the Raylion and the others spread out their information network to track their whereabouts, this won't be difficult. Once they gather up support from the representatives they send from the other three families, we'll deal with them all in a single sweep."

This was Earth's territory, and the playground they had just stepped into was in Leonel's backyard. If they thought just a handful of people could overturn the skies and shatter the earth, they would be sorely mistaken.

Yuri nodded and began to do as Aina had said. No matter what, ever since their youth, she had always been Aina's guiding hand. Sometimes it was hard to tell if they were a pair of sisters or mother and daughter, but regardless, they were very close.

"I'll go speak to the others about remaining alert. Since battle could come at any time, it wouldn't be a good idea to lose themselves in training," Aina stood and began to make rounds through the flagship.

Her fists clenched and unclenched before her thumb spun the ring on her finger. Even in its dormant state, the Spear Domain Ring gave her quite a bit of warmth.

*k Leonel dodged out of the way of a claw. His body was covered from head to toe in injuries, but his gaze was sharp and relentless.

All around him, beasts of all shapes and sizes charged. Compared to the past where he would avoid them even in a one on one situation, but it could only be said that Leonel was a madman. This hoard wasn't something he had accidentally triggered, but rather something he had triggered on purpose. And at the moment, he had nowhere to take a step back because there was nothing but the forcefield to his back.

As for why Leonel had chosen to do things this way outside of being a madman, well... he wanted to save time.

With the forcefield to his back, he didn't have to worry about being encircled. To his left and right, corpses of beasts were quickly piling up and adding much more to the blockade. All he had to do now was focus on the beasts right in front of him, beasts that seemed to be getting larger and larger.

After seeing the young man, Leonel had been constantly thinking about how he could get ahead. The young man's Spear Domain Lineage Factor seemed to be on par with his own, his bodily strength was about on par, his weapon was about on par...

So how could Leonel get an edge?

Usually, the answer to that question was just to rely on his Ability Index. His mind was sharper, his reactions were faster and he was simply more intelligent. However, he had completely lost this advantage.

While Leonel still felt he was more intelligent than most people, without the benefit of speed of thought and split minds, the margin was too narrow for it to cause any large swings in any one direction.

It could be said that compared to other geniuses, Leonel wasn't too much more intelligent than them, or at the very least, it wasn't exaggerated. He was probably 0.1 standard deviations ahead of most geniuses, which wasn't a small amount, but it wasn't obscene either.

What stacked this advantage so greatly against his enemies was how many minds he had working at once and how fast he could think. By the time another person deduced using their intelligence once, Leonel would have done so billions of times over. The winner was, then, obvious.

However, without this advantage, while Leonelw as intelligent still, his application was lacking.

Leonel realized that if he continued meandering about, his success after this point would be up to luck, something that was unacceptable to him. So, he decided to force the issue and he thought about how one would gain an advantage in this situation.

His Crafting skills weren't enough. Without Little Tolly and his Dream World, what he could make would be limited in use, and without his Ability Index, he would be too slow in making them. At best, he would be able to focus on just a single thing before he was forced to face the other participant or potentially participants in this tribulation.

He needed a different sort of advantage, or at least a method of maximizing the advantage he did have better.

And that was when Leonel thought of it.

This was a finite space. Although the forcefield was moving, it was doing so very slowly and he had yet to see any beasts crossing the barrier, which meant that they were restricted by the same means he was.

In that case, the most important commodity here was actually these beasts themselves!

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