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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1963 Too Late

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Chapter 1963 Too Late

1963 Too Late

There was nothing much that could be done about the ocean for now. The only method forward was patience and prudence. That said, when it came to the other tidbits of information, that he could do something about.

Leonel summons another wave of Cloud Race members. This time, his orders were hyper specific and targeted. In fact, they felt even more detailed than even the information the Umbra family had given him. Radlis, however, was slowly getting used to working with Leonel. He understood that this man was one who didn't like to explain things. In all likelihood, he had already had an idea of what he wanted to do even before sending the Cloud Race members out.

"Go and rest. After you've recovered, you and the others will head to the other supercontinent. Ignore the ocean for now, but note anything out of the ordinary." Leonel said, before looking up. "It's about time."

With the sun rising on this side, it could be night on the opposing side of the moon now. This was the perfect time for the Umbra family to take action.

Even if Leonel was on this half, he had no intention of neglecting the other.

He had eyes on complete supremacy.

While it was true that his performance until now was already enough to justify his arrogance and boldness, giving the Morales family quite a bit of momentum, he wasn't nearly satisfied enough. As he had said, this was nothing more than the precursor.

Leonel's figure flickered, appearing in the core region of the village. His gaze was sharp and his heart calm. The fatigue was already beginning to accumulate between his brows once again, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been previously. It seemed that he almost took Crafting as a time of leisure rather than an intrusively difficult activity.

Many had begun to pay attention to other things while Leonel was crafting the formation. There were too few who understood Force Crafting truly. It was only those of the Omann family and the Morales family who couldn't take their eyes away, but even then, their relative reactions were far different.

A deep frown marred Ancestor Radrian's brows. The skill that Leonel was displaying didn't make any sense to him. The precision, the meticulousness, even the faint inklings he had grasped toward his potential intentions, they all didn't seem to be something a junior of the Sixth Dimension should have been capable of.

He would just barely be able to accept it if Leonel was the same age as the others, but if his information was correct, Leonel wasn't even 30 years old yet. In fact, he was quite a number of years from that age. How could he do this?

As for the Morales family, they saw things on an even deeper layer.

One would have thought that Leonel had allowed the Segmented to only forge the more complicated treasures like armors and weapons. But hours ago, when he first took out those plates, the eyes of the Morales Ancestors couldn't help but light up.

Those plates weren't just forged of a single metal, they were instead a composite of them, a beautifully refined alloy. But what was especially shocking was that even with their sharp eyes, it took them several hours of observation to realize this.

Of course, they had known that it had to be something special because it was a metal they didn't recognize. With their wisdom and years of experience, how could there possibly be an ore they didn't recognize? But it was also because of that confusion that they realized how beautifully forged this alloy was, so perfect that it made them doubt themselves.

This metal alloy, without a doubt, had reached the level of the Life Grade. It had reached a level where it seemed that nature itself had created it.

When the Ancestors realized this, they also came to understand just what Leonel had planned. He was using a self-created alloy as the foundation for this formation he was creating, which also meant that this formation, whatever it was, was also self-created.

However, even with this being the case, when they saw Leonel enter the central core of the village, their hearts couldn't help but skip several beats.

This was insane.

That was all they could describe it as. Although Leonel's choice to challenge the Bronze and Silver-Grades were crazy to the majority, that was mostly because many still saw him as a Sixth Dimensional existence back then.

If it had been Armand, or the Sword Deity, or Adawarth who had forced through such challenges, they could still accept it. That was because in the worst scenario, these geniuses could take center stage and force victory using their own power.

But when it came to the Gold-Grade, no matter how you looked at it, it was simply impossible for one to do that on their own, and there was no sudden landscape change that could help now either, and even if there were, given the sheer number of enemies that could be coming... Even if Leonel could somehow manifest another mountain from thin air, it simply wouldn't be enough to deal with them all.

There were already over 12 000 enemies in the Silver-Grade Upgrade challenge. The number to face in the Gold-Grade upgrade challenge would be a hundred times that at over a million! To make matters worse, Leonel would have to face three times that amount!

Right now, even after recalling two troops of Oryx, Leonel only had 4000

subordinates. If he included the Skies family who had recovered by now, that was 14 000. And, even if he included the 10 000 or so souls he had claimed from, that was still not even 1% of the number of enemies he would be facing soon.

As though that wasn't enough, on top of that, he had sent his strongest individual combatants away. Whether it was Aina, James, Elthor, Noah, or the others, they were currently away on the tasks Leonel had set aside from them.

At this point, even the Morales Ancestors wanted to reach through the screen and tell him to stop.

But it was already too late. Leonel brought out his other two city cores and threw them forward.


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