Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 1966 Another...

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Chapter 1966 Another...

1966 Another...

Through these "clones", Leonel could extend his affinities. It felt like his Mage Core had multiplied over several thousand times, allowing him to call down atmospheric Force from thousands of locations at once. With his Stars as an anchor, it further allowed him to extend the ability to use Scarlet Star Force to each and every one of his soul constructs.

However, even this was only the tip of the iceberg. It felt that rather than controlling his clones, he was rather controlling extra limbs of his. With those souls as the mediums, all of Leonel archery skills, all of his spearmanship, all of his Mage and Knight abilities cascaded forth, crushing everything they ran into.

Every time another enemy fell, yet another warrior would be added to the total.

They rose up with flickering crimson flames in their eyes, marching forth with a deathly momentum.

From time to time, hundreds of railguns would fire at once, taking out dozens more each. Even when Leonel's "clones" were enveloped by a strike, they would ripple once and collapse, only to reform and begin their slaughter once again.

Without having to worry about crushing allies, the Skies family and the Oryx released volley after volley, draining themselves and then retreating to the back of the line before the process started all over again.

Any projectile that could drain a Seventh Dimensional existence in just three attempts was bound to be supremely powerful. Because Leonel wasn't worried about their recovery, he had gone all out. Even the current him could only fire those railguns a dozen or so times before he had nothing left, that was why he hadn't bothered to execute the Crafting of more than a few hundred.

All of a sudden, it wasn't Leonel's combat prowess that was on full display, but rather his Crafting. The danger he posed to those of the Human Domain skyrocketed. This was an individual who was not only highly intelligent, he was likewise highly talented and powerful. On top of that, unlike his father who could only be described as a head strong loaner, Leonel seemed to be an exceptional leader who was willing to rely on others to execute his orders.

He was nothing short of a monster.

Leonel gasped for breath, his dull gaze regaining its sharpness as his platform of Emulation Spatial Force wavered. He truly looked like he had nothing left to give, but by now, there were only a few thousand Gold-Grade threats remaining and his army of soul constructs had already grown to millions. Even if Leonel could no longer control them, dealing with the rest was like using a steam roller to crush an egg.

Leonel landed on the ground, his chest heaving. Every breath he took seemed to cause a hurricane-like event, the rushing wind falling into the endless abyss that was his lungs.

The good news about having such great vitality was that reaching this point of fatigue was almost impossible. The bad news was that when he did, recovering was far more difficult for him than it was for most.

Even so, Leonel looked forward as a wave of gold spread across his territory, their range increasing from 400 kilometers to 500 kilometers.

By this point, what once was the light of dawn was already beginning to wane as evening approached. The battle had taken quite a period of time and many changes could have taken place in this time. Even so, Leonel dragged his body into a pod and didn't exit until an hour later, the equivalent of four days of rest.

At this moment, his soul constructs still stood in silence, like wisps of violet in the wind that could be blown to dust at any moment.

‘They'll last at most about 15 or so hours. That's enough time.

Leonel took a deep breath.

The strength of his soul constructs would only be able to mirror his own strength when they were within his formation. However, outside of his formation, they would revert back to their original combat strength.

That said, this wasn't terrible for multiple reasons.

Firstly, that majority of them were Gold-Grade now, making them quite effective and powerful. Although they couldn't match up to the Heirs, they were stronger than many subordinates, or at least on par with many of them.

Secondly, while it sounded nice to be able to perfectly control them as though they were his limbs, doing so drained a great deal of his stamina. If Leonel let them fight on their own, the stamina he would save was


Leonel's figure flickered and he entered the core of the village. In truth, it could no longer be called a village now, it was well and truly a city, and the core of it reflected that. The ceilings were tall, the pillars were thick, and now Leonel could city upon a throne to investigate the changes to the core.

As expected, his outposts had upgraded and now had the added function of instant teleportation. This would save them a great deal of time and effort.

Leonel now had over three million kill exchanges burning a hole in his pocket. That many Gold-Grade kill exchanges were worth 30 billion points.

Though this was short of the 500 billion points he would need to upgrade this city into an Heir-Grade one, it was still a substantial sum.

Without hesitation, Leonel attempted to use a billion points to expand his city limits from 500 kilometers to 2000. However, he realized instantly that there was a blockage.

The first blockage was to his back, about 600 or so kilometers away, or about 100 kilometers from his border, there was the ocean. According to this system, he wasn't allowed to expand his territory limits into the ocean without an underwater territory.

The other blockages, to his sides and toward the front, were other territories.

It turned out that the reason he had been able to see the location of the second Taur territory was because its owner, Armand, had already died. As such, it had been ownerless at the time. But he couldn't just steamroll territories with his own by buying more.

Even so, Leonel grinned, he had found another loophole.

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