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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2077 Small World

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Chapter 2077 Small World

When Simona lost her puppy it was akin to her losing almost 90% of her talent and cutting off the future hope of the Godlen family. No matter how great their conviction, how could a population of people be willing to stay in seclusion forever?

At the same time, how could Simona be willing to never reach her full potential? There was simply no replacement for her beast companion, it had quite literally been born with her. It was like an extension of her limb.

This is why she had shed tears when Leonel returned it. After 20 years of despair, hearing the praises of people while knowing that she could be so much better, she finally saw the light of hope that she had prayed for for so long.

What she was even more thankful for was Leonel's restraint.

That puppy wasn't just a benign little creature, it was also an endless bundle of energy. It had carried over 90% of her energy until this moment. Every time she took one step forward, it would take almost ten. On top of this, it was the purest form of absorbable Force as well.

There was a reason that the Godlen family had been forced into seclusion long ago, a story that had been wiped from the annals of Human Domain history.

Their beast companions were just extensions of their Lineage Factors and were more valuable than even Pure Force Crystals. Their beast companions could quite literally be used as resource wells. To put this matter into proper perspective, the immature beast companion of back then, the very one Simona had lost, could be used to produce dozens of Conventional Path Seventh Dimensional existences. It could even be used at a crucial point to push one to the Eighth Dimension of the Conventional Path, something that was extraordinarily rare.

She didn't believe that Leonel could sense this, but she also wasn't surprised.

Leonel was a man who had turned down the Shadow Sovereign Lineage Factor because he could stand to kill an unborn Rapax. Many would see such Rapax as nothing more than enemies of another race, unable to humanize them in any way because they simply looked too foreign.

But not him.

Simona didn't know Leonel very intimately, but she knew enough about him to be willing to follow him wholeheartedly. It was just a shame that at the final moment, she wasn't able to be as useful as she had initially hoped to be.


A little puppy growled by Simona's feet, causing her furrowed brows to unwrinkle into the hint of a smile. By now, the little puppy had finally begun to show some signs of growth and was about 20% larger than Leonel remembered.

Although she had lost 20 years, because she was so much more powerful now, Simona could help the little one to grow a lot faster. Before, it had taken over 20 years for it to reach the stage of being able to walk around on its own. But now, after only just a year or so of having returned to her size, it had grown by 20%.

At this pace, it would reach maturity in just another decade or so. Given the fact the more talented she was, the more time it would take, this speed was actually exceptional. Originally, her companion wouldn't have reached maturity until she became an Ancestor level character, and even then it wasn't entirely certain.

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