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Dimensional Descent Chapter 2083 Much More Interesting free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2083 Much More Interesting

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Chapter 2083 Much More Interesting

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Leonel raised up his hands. "Why all of this animosity?"

Suddenly, Leonel's hands shifted and he pointed his two forefingers up to the sky as he shook his head. He looked as though he was reprimanding Xavnik for being too reckless. What was this, he was still the leader? How was it helpful for him to get so hot-headed?


Xavnik only now seemed to realize that there was a storm brewing in the skies. The gloominess of the earlier atmosphere made it easy to ignore, plus it hadn't mattered to him much if it rained or not; what difference did it make?

But once again, seeing Leonel's smiling expression, he began to rethink his whole life. He double-thought and triple-thought through things, his self-doubt creeping up from all corners.

He roared into the skies, his frustration reaching a breaking point as he thrust his spear forward. He seemed to cleave the skies in two, a truly devastating attack that almost threatened to disperse the coming storm above. He didn't seem to care about anything anymore; if he couldn't guess what Leonel would do next, he would just crush it with brute strength. What good were schemes in the face of absolute strength?!

Unfortunately, in his rage, he seemed to have forgotten that Leonel had the Spear Domain Ring. And, even if he hadn't... What good was a spear in the face of a True Spear Sovereign?

The powerful attack that caused the sky and earth below to split suddenly dissipated when he entered the range of Leonel's Absolute Domain. It no longer even had to touch him, collapsing tens of meters away.

Leoenl clicked his tongue. "I tried to warn you."



Tens of streaks of lightning descended from the skies all at once, bombarding into Xavnik before he could even realize what was happening. He had been so enraged, so infuriated, that he had completely lost himself. His vision had blurred, his only focal point being Leonel himself. But this sort of suffocating reality was exactly what caused him to be a charred mess on the ground.

Xavnik lay in a pit, looking into the skies in a daze.

The attack he had taken just now had been responsible for wiping out several Heir-Grade upgrade challenge armies, except while those had targeted many, he was the only target for this one. It could be said that the fact he was still alive at all was truly a surprise for Leonel, but it wasn't as though this surprise would appear on his face.

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