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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2087 Whetstone

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Chapter 2087 Whetstone

The Suiard family had been very silent in this span of time. It could even be said that they were quite silent throughout the Heir Wars. Amery hadn't seemed to be very interested in expanding his territory, and he hadn't even made much headway toward the ocean. In fact, his territory was actually quite a distance from the coast despite the fact that he did, indeed, control all the land between this place and it.

From the beginning, the only large scale clash that the Suiard family had had was actually against their only ally. It was quite ironic, actually. But other than this, Amery had truly not done much. It was as though he was waiting for someone, waiting for someone he knew would definitely come.

This stance by the Suiard family was truly baffling. That was because they were considered to be the de facto leaders of the sword families of the Human Domain, and unlike the Morales family that never really cared to gather up all the spear masters, the Suiard family actually had subordinated many of them.

As such, if Amery had wanted, he could have been a lot like Xavnik, gathering up many Heirs under his banner and using it to sweep through the competition.

But he hadn't.

Why would he waste his time with such a thing? He wasn't like the trash of the Morales family.

The Suiard family had their own version of the Heir Wars, but it didn't have the bounds of a competition, it didn't have a start date or end date, nor were there rules against killing. The only rule was that no one beneath the Seventh Dimension could be targeted, only then would they become part of the boundless competition.

However, before even entering the Seventh Dimension, in fact even before entering the Sixth, all of Amery's brothers had already submitted to him. He had been the decided leader of the Suiard family ever since he was 12 years old, he didn't have competition in his generation, nor did he take anyone seriously. Even his so-called fiancée, a half-Spiritual, was no match for him.

If it wasn't for the face of his family, he wouldn't have cared to come in the first place.

In reality, he really only had two goals for this trip. The first was to conveniently deal with that guy they insisted on calling the Bow Deity, as far as he was concerned that guy was far too annoying. Placing another on his level was a bit ridiculous.

The second was even simpler, and that was to defeat whoever was last to remain and came to challenge him for ultimate victory. Nothing more, nothing less. He didn't really give a damn about anything else.

And finally, it seemed that that day had come.

Amery slowly opened his eyes. Up in the skies, a young man stood with a smile on his face, but just this simple smile made Amery's pupils constrict. That was because it was too casual, too relaxed. It felt like Leonel wasn't even here for him, but was rather here to conveniently deal with him since he was obstructing his path.

Of course, Amery remembered that he had suffered defeat at Leonel's hands, but he never took that matter to heart. As his grandfather had said, there was no room for excuses, so he would willingly allow Leonel that victory, but that didn't mean that he had to take the man himself seriously.

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