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Dimensional Descent Chapter 2107 Mysterious Ability Index free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2107 Mysterious Ability Index

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Chapter 2107 Mysterious Ability Index

Leonel's figure flickered to the side. He moved before the final pulse of canons echoed through the air. It felt like an Armageddon was descending, the piercing lights enveloping everything as they crossed to meet toward Leonel's location.

Kron had already seen Leonel's movement, but his sneer only deepened. Now that these canons had been fired, the region was far too volatile to allow the badges to work properly. Let alone the badges, even controlling Force would be difficult in this environment.

Now, he just wanted to see how much time Leonel would last for.

There was nowhere to escape, the Star ship was far faster than any one human. Even Eighth Dimensional existences wouldn't be able to easily outrun them. There was no winning, the Star Ship was too powerful. Any one of its strikes could threaten the life of an Ancestor. There was only despair to be had.

When the lights faded, all others saw was Leonel calmly strapping Aina to his back. He moved slowly and with purpose, too scared that his abrupt movement could injure her further.

Just moments ago, this woman stood at the top of the world, casually defeating all the geniuses in her path. This was the glory she deserved, a glory that Leonel was more than willing to give her. She was his woman, the one he loved. It didn't matter to him even if others downplayed his achievements because he had relied on her in the end.

When she smiled, he was happy. When she frowned, he felt sadness. When she was angry, he felt enraged on her behalf, and when she bled, his fury could burn even the stars.

Leonel's gaze had sharpened, his expression becoming so dark that it was difficult even to see his eyes clearly.

The last time he had been forced to strap Aina to his back like this, he had caused a city to fall from the skies, crushing the enemy that had dared to make her feel fear. Back then, the Puppet Master hadn't even laid a hand on Aina yet, only because of her reaction Leonel had caused two powerful cities to crumble beneath his might.

What he would do to Kron and the Omann family would be far worse.

Leonel flickered and vanished. To the astonishment of those watching, rather than turning and running, hoping to find a way to exit the range of the volatile Force and crush his badge, he instead shot forward like a blazing meteor.

At that moment, streaking through the skies felt like swimming through a vat of oil, using Force felt like pushing a boulder up a hill. Many who weren't even present found it difficult to breathe.

It was truly the hot bloodedness of youth. Facing such a ship, even Ancestors would have to turn away. Back then, even the hot tempered Cross Elder Avan had only targeted Leonel after making certain that he had lost the ability to use the Star Ship against him.

But now, against an upgraded Tier 2 Star Ship, Leonel was actually moving forward like he had lost his mind entirely to rage.

Kron was stunned for a moment as well. He had only meant to use provoking words to delay Leonel for a moment so that the canons could fire. He hadn't expected to provoke Leonel to the point that he would actually attack. The way he saw things, Leonel might be stupid enough to not crush his badge immediately out of pride, but when he saw the situation, he would make a move nonetheless.

But the reality showed that Leonel was far more foolish than he had thought.

Kron suddenly began to laugh. "This is indeed the difference between the Morales and the Omann family. This hot blooded foolishness killed many of your Ancestors, it killed your grandfather, and it will kill your father very soon, but I guess that you won't be there to witness that day."

This time, Kron wasn't speaking just for the sake of goading Leonel, he spoke from the very bottom of his heart, his disdain practically taking physical form as it exuded from him.

The other geniuses of the Omann family couldn't help but sneer after awakening to the truth as well.

Vanlamar, Eirdal, and Garfin, three Gold Grade Crafters only beneath Kron in terms of Crafting skill within the younger generation. The four of them had worked themselves to the bone in the last several weeks, making sure that everything was absolutely perfect, and now it seemed that it would all work out.

They manned the lasers, shifting them toward Leonel's next location and firing.

This time, they weren't worried about power. Even at 5%, these lasers were more than enough to grind a Seventh Dimensional existence to ash. At that moment, the Starship displayed its power. The lasers were continuous, blotting out the skies. Although they were far thinner than they had been in the past, they fired continuously, an endless supply of power coming from their rumbling fusion core.

The rest of the Omann family members flew around the ship like headless chickens, making sure that everything was in order. Even though they were being worked to the bone, they grinned with wide smiles on their faces, the pride they felt in their families growing to the point of manifesting like Kron's disdain.

Leonel couldn't even approach. He continuously flashed to the side, trying to get closer. But every time he succeeded, he would actually be forced to retreat. That was because the closer he got, the higher the density of lasers would be, leaving him less and less room to dodge.

The Human Domain sighed. By now, the domain of volatile Force had increased to the point that even if Leonel managed to rush hundreds of kilometers away, he wouldn't be able to escape. But how could he even begin to put that kind of distance between himself and a Starship?


At that moment, in the starry skies, a body was suddenly surrounded by several figures. It was a young woman who had had her legs and one of her arms blown off, even her beating heart could be seen. But she was indifferent to it all, looking toward the floating images before her.

This woman was none other than Cynthia Omann.

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