Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2109 A Practical Joke

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Chapter 2109 A Practical Joke

The lasers charged and suddenly there was no place to dodge. With Leonel being so close, Kron changed his command. Rather than firing at the fastest speed possible, they delayed the onset, charging it up from 5% to over 50%.

The thickness of the lasers would increase ten times over. At this distance, if all the canons fired together, the entire range around Leonel would be enveloped. There would be no blindspot because all of the lasers would cover for one another.

Suddenly, Leonel, who looked as though he was about to turn the tide, faced his death.

Vanlamar, Eirdal and Garfin reacted even faster than Kron could give the order. They were all absolute geniuses in their own right and were only a small bit worse than Kron. If the Omann family had their own Heir Wars, there was no doubt that these four would all be their own respective Heirs.

Due to this, the order came even faster than Kron had expected and the sneer on his face deepened. If there had been a delay due to the time it took for him to give the order, Leonel might have had a 10% chance to escape. But now, those odds had fallen to 0%, and even that was Kron being reserved. If there was a way for him to give Leonel less than 0% chance, he would. But his pride as a Crafter and scholarly man wouldn't allow him to do something so meaningless.

Many looked away, unwilling to see such a scene. Leonel's death would mean Aina's death as well. Such a young couple, a Life Grade Crafter and Force Pill Crafter, would actually die in this way?

Of course, Kron had no idea about all of this as he didn't have the viewer's perspective and hadn't seen what the two had accomplished.

As far as Kron was concerned, he was unmatched amongst the younger generation in Force Crafting, he had no equal. Even though he was currently relying on Cynthia's blueprint, he didn't feel any shame. In fact, he only felt endless amounts of pride.

He, as a Seventh Dimensional existence, had actually led a team to complete a Life Grade Craft. He had already stepped through the threshold of becoming a Life Grade Crafter and he was sure that within the next three years he would succeed.

To him, the Crafters of the Morales family, especially those of the younger generation, were nothing more than jumping clouds.

With his hands clasped behind his back, he met Leonel's cold gaze. Just a hundred meters separated them, but it might as well have been an endless cavern.

'This is my skill, this is what the power of a Crafter can bring you. What meaning is there to be a group of fighting apes like the Morales, unable to focus on anything and having the tempers of children? You'll die and your parents will come to accompany you soon.'

Kron's intent blazed and his Force actually surged. Beneath the rising might of the laser barrels, his power actually improved. He stepped across the threshold of Tier 3 of the Seventh Dimension and stepped into Tier 4.

His Force flowed with an impossible smoothness and the smile on his face was calm. He felt like everything in the world was in the palm of his hands. The difference between him and Leonel was akin to the skies and mud. He had just broken through a barrier no one in the younger generation could touch, and Leonel's journey would end here. Wasn't it all clear?


The lasers fired and enveloped the world. As expected, Leonel was entirely swallowed. There was nowhere to dodge, no blind spots to take advantage of.

It was over.

Kron looked away complacently, a bright smile on his face. "You've all done well! This is the Omann family's glory! Prepare the ship, we'll go to kill off the rest of the Heirs and finish this farce."

"Long live the Omanns!"

"Long live the Omanns!"

The roar of the geniuses on the ship was deafening. They too had had a helping hand in completing a Life Grade Starship, how could they not be endlessly prideful? Maybe soon, like Kron, they would sense the threshold of the Life Grade as well.

Vanlamar, Eirdal and Garfin were all feeling prideful as well. Unlike the others, they were right on Kron's heels, they had already sensed the threshold as well. Although Kron had gone beyond them and entered Tier 4, he was always slightly older than them.

Soon, the Omann family would have four new rising geniuses. This was the power of Cynthia's blueprint!

But at that moment, amidst the roaring adulation, the gentle sound and feet landing on the ground was deafening.

It should have been a sound that was entirely drowned out, a sound that was so miniscule and unimportant that it would have been washed away by the deafening boom of their happiness. And yet... it echoed in their ears like thunder... because they were all too familiar with that sound, it was a sound they had heard thousands of times in their lives... the sound of someone descending from the skies...

But the problem was that none of them had been in the skies just now.

They all looked back, their eyes widening as they found Leonel standing there with the same cold expression. This time, the biting wind of his gaze reached them, the hollow sound of chilly wind echoing through their heart resounding in their ears like the creaking doors of an abandoned home.

Kron's expression changed, his head whipped back so fast that an aching pain spread through his neck. However, he couldn't seem to sense this at all as his eyes landed on Leonel.

"You... How..."

Leonel didn't say a single word as the entire ship was enveloped by darkness. At that moment, even the Human Domain couldn't see a single thing. All they could hear was the echo of screams, a shuddering, heart wrenching, blood curdling symphony that they would never forget.

When the darkness cleared, Leonel held Kron's throat in his hands as he breathed his final few breaths.

Kron's eyes suddenly lit up with enlightenment, a wash of relief flooding his body. "That's how... how you did it..."

Kron chuckled, the excursion causing him to cough up the final strands of blood in his body. To the horror of those watching, everything beneath his waist had actually already been separated from his body.

The ship could only be described as the bloodier reincarnation of hell. Limbs, headless corpses, random assortments of legs, bones and inner organs. Blood painted the deck and dripped down the sides of the once proud Starship. It could be seen that Leonel hadn't spared even a single person, not even the most minor of characters from the Omanns had lived, because they were all responsible for Aina's injuries.

And yet, the leader of them all, was laughing such a mad laughter as he breathed his last breaths. He found it all to be absolutely hysterical, a wild tale of the most epic proportions.

That was because he felt that his title as number one Crafter of the younger generation had been nothing more than a joke the Human Domain had played on him.

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