Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1373

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Quinn stared at Sam’s hand, suddenly a little flustered since he had never taken the lead like this.

There were times he walked so quickly she really had to jog just to keep up, and he always kept his
own pace, not caring that she was wearing heels.

“Come on,” he said, turning to look at her just then.

Quinn came to her senses, and gave his hand a squeeze, prompting his heart to skip a beat.

He turned his face aside, obviously flushing up to his ears.

After lunch they returned to TSL’s headquarters in the afternoon.

This time, Sam told her to sit in a corner and watch him put on a performance.

She hence watched as he walked over to the front desk, and the receptionist appeared clearly
impatient when she saw Sam.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you,” she explained nonetheless.” Mr. Craig really isn’t in, and he’d usually be
away for a week while on leave. He doesn’t like talking about work in that period either, so I can only
suggest that you return after a few days.”

“Wasn’t looking for him,” Sam said with a roguish smile. ”1 came looking for you.”

“Sorry, but I’m busy with work-“

Sam suddenly whipped out a bottle of perfume-the latest product from a top fashion brand.

The receptionist was clearly interested after just one glance but said seriously nonetheless, “We don’t
accept bribes, sir. You’d make me lose my job if you keep this up.”

“What are you talking about? This is for myself,” Sam said, promptly picking up the bottle and puffing it
once over himself.

The scent was simply bewitching, and the receptionist could barely hide her interest. As such, Sam
deliberately angled the bottle slightly away from himself, so that some of the perfume was sprayed over

Nonetheless, she told him sternly, “Sir, I’m working. Please don’t disturb me.”

Sam calmly whipped out a business card for her instead.” Here’s my number. Let’s have dinner if
you’re interested.”

“You won’t be seeing me.”

“But I just flew into Minerva,” Sam groaned. “I don’t know much about this place, so what do you have
to worry about?

I can’t do anything to you when we’re in your stomping ground. Call your besties if you’re still
concerned—I’ll be waiting outside when you leave work.”

“Oh, and I really don’t like this perfume,” he added, leaving the bottle of perfume on the front desk. “It’s
my gift to TSL. You can use it to keep a fresh scent in the lobby.”

With that, he turned to leave.

Seeing that, Quinn quickly ran after him, asking, “How did it go?”

Although she was too far to hear what they were discussing, it somehow felt like Sam was hitting on
the receptionist!

Moreover, she had gone with him to a nearby mall to check out the latest line of perfumes after lunch…

“We’ll see,” Sam replied.

While he was not a hundred percent sure, he knew women well enough to tell that it was no issue.

Around 6 PM, Sam was staring at his phone.

It was not ringing even as TSL employees were leaving work.

However, just as he was starting to get restless, an unfamiliar number flashed on his screen.

Sam took a deep breath and answered it. “Hello.”

“It’s Anna, TSL’s front desk receptionist. Where are you?”

Sam looked toward the front door of the office building, grinning. “To your right, Anna.”

Anna turned in his direction…

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