Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1375

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Anna was a little surprised. “Is that it?’ “What, do I look like the type who troubles others?” Sam

Anna and the other women were certainly having a pleasant time with him, and they began to tell him

“Damian Craig’s a family man through and through. Loves his wife and babies his two sons-they go on
a trip together every year.”

“He doesn’t have a hobby… or at least, we’ve not heard anything about it in the office anyway. He
doesn’t drink much or socialize-he heads straight home after work. His family is what he cares most

“And his house is…” Anna thought about it, and said, “Why don’t we trade numbers? I can send you
the location-it’d be more accurate.”

Sam quickly did so as Quinn looked on.

She had not seen him smile as much as he did now.

After dinner, Sam picked up the check and sent off the ladies in taxis.

It was finally over then, and Sam was grinning with a sense of accomplishment even as he checked the
address Anna sent. ‘Alright. This means we can visit Damian at his own house tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Quinn replied.

As they took a taxi back to their hotel, Sam was in such a good mood that he was humming a song,
completely oblivious that Quinn was feeling depressed.

Suddenly remembering something, he turned toward Quinn


“Since he’s a family man, we should get presents for his wife and sons too,” Sam suggested.


“Let’s get a handbag for the wife,” Sam said, making up his mind toy cars.”


After that, Sam continued to talk endlessly even after they reached their hotel.

Quinn sighed—she really should not be petty, since Sam had never ever been that talkative around

She could certainly feel his sudden passion for work.

After taking a bath and changing, she went to lay in bed within her room-they had booked the
presidential suite, which had two separate rooms

However, she had barely gotten into bed when she heard a knock on her door. “Come out, Quinn.”

Quinn opened the door, frowning. “What?”



“Over here,” Sam said, and headed straight to the dining table by the window.

It was actually a candlelight dinner, with steaks, red wine, and the romantic vibes as well.

And yet, Quinn was perplexed. “Didn’t you already have dinner?”

“I did, but you didn’t,” Sam said bluntly.

While Quinn was left taken aback, he added rather critically,” You should have told me if you don’t like
the food and didn’t eat your fill. You’re already skinny.”

Quinn was a little miffed at that, her gratitude vaporizing immediately.

Still, she sat down and started eating the steak, while Sam sat opposite her and slowly ate his.

“Didn’t you have your fill too?” Quinn asked.


“I guess. You were so busy drinking with those pretty faces flocking around you that you didn’t have
time to eat!” Quinn snapped sourly then.

“Where’s your conscience, woman? I was chatting them up to get the information on Damian, wasn’t I?
Also, I didn’t eat much because…”

Sam was huffing but suddenly trailed off.

While Quinn stared at him, he said grumpily, “Finish your steak already. You’re not going to bed unless
you finish.”

Quinn pouted-he was always pleasant around any other woman, while he was always snapping at her.

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