Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1376

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While both Sam and Quinn kept their heads lowered and ate their steaks, Sam was complaining
inwardly throughout.

How unconscientious could Quinn be?

He had noticed that she was not eating much and followed suit so that they could eat together here in
the hotel.

And yet, not only did she prove less than understanding but she was accusing him of flirting with the

Did he even need to do that?! Ladies flocked to him anyway!

The only one he wanted to flirt with was her!

Nonetheless, they both returned to their rooms after finishing their steaks.

There was still work to be done tomorrow, so they had to go to bed without delay.

Naturally, that meant someone like Sam who was used to having night life had to force himself to sleep.

Early next morning, Quinn had just gotten out of bed when she found Sam already out in the living
area, dressed smartly in a suit.

“You’re up already?!” she exclaimed in surprise. “It’s only seven…”

“Sleeping in is a taboo for a dutiful working man.” Sam snorted. “We still have a discussion with
Damian Craig, don’t we? I need to revise the details, or he’d find me unprofessional when we meet.”

Quinn stared at him as he went through the papers on the couch with a serious look, wondering for a
moment if he was still the Sam Saunders she knew.

Could people really change that dramatically? Was the prodigal son truly repentant, and would his
atonement last?

Suddenly, he said without turning, “I know I’m handsome, but you’re going to affect me if you keep
ogling me like that.”

Quinn came to her senses and hurried off to wash up.

After changing and putting on makeup, room service had already brought them breakfast.

Sam and Quinn had a little before heading straight to the luxury goods department at a mall.

Even as Sam was chatting with the shop assistant, he looked through the handbags seriously.

The man seemed to know what women liked, though there was no way he could not after all the
women he had been with.

It was certainly frustrating for Quinn to think that she only ever had him while he had countless others.

She simply strolled around the store, glancing through the handbags. Though she did go shopping from
time to time, she was actually not at all interested in this stuff.

“I’m done, Quinn,” Sam suddenly called out to her.

Quinn stared at the handbag he picked for a moment, feeling an impulse to ask the shop assistant for
another, but only to give up.

She pursed her lips, staying silent even as she joined Sam at the checkout counter, watching as he
made the payment.

They both left afterward, going to the children’s department this time to buy toys for the children.

Suddenly, Sam said, “Hold on a moment. I need the restroom.”


As Sam hurried away, Quinn was left staring at the shopping bags she was holding and sighed softly.

There was no telling how long it would take for Sam to really take notice of her-it might be hopeless,

After all, he was never the type who paid attention to details.

Even his motivation to work over the past week was compelled by circumstances-a whim, even.

She had no assurance that Sam would persevere at all.

“Alright, let’s go,” Sam said when he returned, taking back the shopping bags as if it was only natural.

Quinn followed as he walked, feeling a little disappointed.

She did not have high hopes, but she was still slightly expectant nonetheless…

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