Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1378

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Quinn was panicking even as she watched-Sam could afford to let the children win a little, and Damian
might even have a reason to accept the joint venture.

But Sam just could not bring himself to lose anything!

In fact, Quinn could see Damian and his wife standing by the door now, watching as Sam played with
their sons. It certainly put Quinn in an awkward position, as there was no talking their way out of this.

As she looked on, flustered, the children stole the ball from Sam.

But just as she thought the boys would score a goal, Sam easily caught up and stole it back, leaving
one of the boys on the verge of tears. However, he gritted his teeth and gave chase with his brother
instead of giving up.

It was certainly a peaceful picture with them having the two dogs running along them over the lawn.

Quinn then saw Sam raise his foot, ready to fire another shot … when one of the boys knocked the ball
away from him, puffed himself up, and shot instead.

Quinn almost could cheer as the ball struck home, while Damian and Judith generously applauded their
sons, who were skipping around excitedly and not hiding their happiness and all.

Sam gave them a thumbs up and said, “That’s ten minutes. I have to go now.”

“Do you have to?” The two boys were reluctant to see him go.

“Yes. Keep playing-you’re both amazing.

“Will we see each other again?”

“If I’m able to.”

With that, Sam walked straight toward Quinn and took his jacket back before heading for the gates
without another interaction with Damian.

Quinn followed him, though a servant hurried after them just as they reached the gates. “Mr. Saunders,
Mr. and Mrs.

Damian are asking you to stay for lunch.”

Quinn turned toward Sam, who could hardly hide his delight, in surprise-they both knew what that

“Sure,” Sam said nonetheless, and they returned to the drawing room.

Sam’s face was covered in sweat since he had too much fun with Damian’s sons.

“Our guest room has been sorted for you, Mr. Saunders,” Damian told him politely. “You can have a
shower there if you don’t mind.”

“Thank you, but I’d like to play with the boys again if I may,” Sam said. “It’s been a while since I’ve run
that much, and I haven’t had enough.”

“Of course.” Damian agreed to it immediately.

Quinn was impressed by Sam’s composure in turn. Most others would be eagerly mentioning the joint
venture at this point, whereas Sam kept a cool head and kept his promise with the children.

As Sam headed to the lawn, the boys were thrilled and started playing with him again.

Judith walked up to Quinn, who was watching nearby. “Your husband is amazing.”

Quinn smiled, not bragging about Sam or denying it. “He has always been the active type.”

“No, I mean he knows what the children want,” Judith explained. “Not in an excessively flattering
manner but so that they would work hard and be rewarded when they do. That’s what really brings
them joy while they learn the importance of working hard.”

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