Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1379

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As Quinn did a double take, she soon understood that Sam did not immediately lose in order to pique
the boys’ interest so they would understand the joy of their hard work paying off.

She seemed to have made it a habit of denouncing him.

Meanwhile, Sam and the boys kept playing for a while until Damian called for them. As the boys
reluctantly left the lawn, they asked if they could play with Sam again.

Sam headed to the room Damian prepared for him and took a shower, since he would be in no state to
discuss anything when he was sweating all over.

Feeling refreshed afterward, he and Quinn had lunch together with everyone in Damian’s home.

The boys liked Sam and kept chatting him up as he ate.

Sam was patient with them as well and had a good sense of humor. The two children hence kept
hovering around him until Judith took them to their rooms for a siesta.

The drawing room turned quiet without the boys, and Damian led Sam and Quinn to his study.

Damian took out their proposal and explained right then.” I’ve read through it, but I can’t say yes to the
joint venture just then. The company has policies, and I don’t decide on everything. I’m sure you’re not
hoping to only partner with myself either.”

“Yes,” Sam quickly said. “We’d prefer a joint venture with your company, and we wouldn’t ask you to
compromise your professional integrity for our sake.”

Damian nodded. “In that case, I’ll present your proposal to the company once my leave is over. I can
tell your sincerity from this proposal, and our company is interested in a venture into foreign markets
and establishing branches. The pressure would be squarely on our own shoulders, and a joint venture
through technological exchange is ideal in this case. That said, there would be some appropriate
adjustments to the final revenue ratio if the company asks.”

“Of course,” Sam said right away. “We’ll be waiting for a response from you whenever.”

They started to move on to the technical portions of the proposal.

Though Sam crammed as much knowledge as he could, he was still lacking on that front, so Quinn
picked up where he left off.

They were the perfect duo, and Damian’s satisfaction after their discussion was clear.

Later, when they were on the way back to the hotel after leaving Damian’s mansion, Quinn remained
concerned. “Do you think he’ll agree to the joint venture?”

“More or less,” Sam said confidently.

“I can’t rest easy until the deal is sealed.”

“It’s not a problem. Don’t worry,” Sam assured her.

He was in a fine state of mind, and Quinn thought just then that he was suited for work that entailed
monumental pressure like this one.

“So, when are we going back?” Quinn asked.

“Damian said that he’ll only go back to work in a week, and it’s another two weeks or a month before
his company decides. It’s pointless if we wait here, so we can book our flight back today.”

“Okay.” Quinn nodded-she agreed that waiting here was a waste of time, and they could not let their
guard down when Saunderia’s crisis was not over yet.

“If you like it here, let’s come again when we have the time,” Sam said casually just then.

“Yeah.” Quinn smiled, surprised that Sam noticed her fondness of this place.

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