Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1377

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Quinn followed Sam distractedly-she definitely saw him watching her staring at those bags, but he
really did not care

Nonetheless, they were soon in their car again, heading straight to Damian’s house, which was a huge
mansion in the outskirts.

The weather was just fine, even therapeutic, with the bright blue skies and peaceful clouds.

Quinn sighed. “I’d like a place like this too when I’m older… away from the bustle and spending the rest
of my years with the people I love.”

“You’re into this sort of place?” Sam said with slight contempt-it was so quiet that there were no traces
of night life at all.

“Just saying.” Quinn sighed-she certainly knew that Sam would not like a place like this, since he
seemed innately drawn to liveliness.

They pressed on the doorbell without delay, and a servant approached them before returning inside.

Then, she returned after a long while, inviting them inside as the gates opened.

It was all green inside, with two children running along the lawn as several gardeners tended to the
shrubs-a warm and harmonious sight.

As they followed the servant into the drawing room, they found Damian on the couch with his wife
Judith. They smiled politely upon their arrival, but it was just a gesture of courtesy-they were not
especially welcoming since no one would like to be bothered on a family day.

In fact, once they had introduced themselves, Damian said bluntly, “I’m not really interested in a joint
venture. Moreover, I’m not feeling too well to be hospitalized or discuss work- it’s mainly why I applied
for leave.”

“Yes, we’ve been imposing,” Sam quickly said. “In that case, I’ll make it short. I’ll leave the proposal of
our joint venture here with you, so go through it whenever you’re free. If you’re interested, we will be
waiting for your call 24/7.”

Damian nodded slightly, and Sam started to leave without taking the presents away.

“You don’t have to,” Damian told him. “We’re not that close- it’s just a waste.”

“It’s not a waste-it’s just a token of our sincerity to your wife and children, not to you personally. It’s
nothing that valuable either, and your servants can hand it if your wife and children aren’t interested. It’s
taxing if we have to carry it back home anyway.”

Damian did not press the issue at that, though it was more likely that he did not want to waste his time
on them.

“We shall be going now,” Sam said as he led Quinn, who was frowning, away.

He was leaving a little too quickly, was he not? They could at least show some sincerity left so quickly,
Damian would think that they were just going through the motions instead.

Sam, however, did not seem to understand the look she was giving him and strode off.

He paused just as they left the drawing room-a soccer ball rolled beside his feet, and he spared it a
glance before kicking it straight into the crude goalpost in the lawn.

Both boys stared at him in shock, since the stranger had hit it with his first attempt while they failed for
so long.

The elder one mustered his courage then and asked, “Can you play with us?”

Sam agreed to it happily. “Sure, but for just ten minutes.”

“Okay!” Both children were chipper.

Behind him, Quinn looked on, mystified as Sam took off his jacket and joined the children… leaving
them on the verge of tears before long.

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