Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1380

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Quinn stared out of the window and smiled in relief-she really did not have to demand too much from
Sam. He was never that meticulous, and the fact that his attitude toward her changed was already
good enough.

They had all the time they needed, after all.

Once back at the hotel, they packed their bags and headed to the airport, though it was a ten-hour
flight for them to finally get home.

They headed straight to the hospital after they returned, where Marvin was already transferred to a
normal ward, and Lindsay was feeding him when they arrived.

Ryan was there too-he had probably returned after finishing work at the capital, and he was scowling
when he saw Sam and Quinn. “You two went abroad for days while Dad wasn’t even fit enough to
leave ICU. How carefree.”

Sam stayed silent, clearly not caring to answer.

Ryan could tell that much as well, but he always thought Sam insignificant and did not care how Sam
reacted to him.

Nonetheless, Quinn stepped up and explained, “We had your parents’ permission. Things aren’t
looking good at

Saunderia, so Sam and I are trying to secure a joint venture that could help turn things around.”

She was starting to defend Sam often these days, almost as if she considered herself his—Ryan’s
derisive words for him certainly upset her.

“So what?” Ryan snorted contemptuously, though he was only more annoyed that Quinn was clearly
siding with Sam.

Before this, he always felt that Quinn cared about him, but that feeling was fading even more now.

But the more Quinn behaved that way, the more he wanted her back-she was his in the first place!

“This will take time-we’re waiting fortheir response at the moment,” Quinn replied patiently nonetheless.
“Agreements aren’t decided on the same day, and the more important it is, the more time it would take.”

“So you believe in Sam now?” Ryan laughed coolly. “You think he has what it takes to turn things
around?! You disappoint me, Quinn.”

Sam glowered at Ryan and snapped right then, “Come at me if you have a problem. Stop trying to put
the moves on Quinn like some pickup artist!”

Quinn’s heart skipped a beat—not because Sam was standing up for her, but because his words struck
here with a sudden realization.

Ever since a child, she never showed confidence around Ryan. In fact, she was always convinced that

Ryan said was right, and it had to be her fault if he got upset.

She never thought that Ryan was just putting the moves on her from the start.

All he talked about was what he would love most from her.

He always praised her for never holding a grudge because she was kind and understanding.

He always told her that she was obedient and never unreasonable.

She certainly had no idea when she had lost her sense of self and became that woman Ryan always
spoke of.

She never noticed that until what Sam said made her reevaluate her relationship with Ryan…

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