Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1366

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After all, there was plenty of work to do for Sam, while every minute counted for John.

John turned to glance at Cordy, who was nestled in his arms. She was awoken by him taking a call,
and his brow was clearly furrowed in displeasure.

He lay down again, pulling her toward himself, and he started nuzzling her collarbone while his hands
danced around her waist…

“Stop…” Cordy purred, fidgeting as vaguely sensing his amorous intentions. “I’m so tired…”

It only encouraged John. “As long as you enjoy it.”

“I don’t,” Cordy complained, shoving him away. “You say that everytime-“

“And you’re actually hoarse,” John finished, leaving her blushing.

It was certainly embarrassing when they were alone on that islet, and every detail was too obscene to

Still, Cordy snapped, “Let me sleep or I’m going back to

North City…”

John promptly kept his hands to himself-he had yet to fully enjoy his… perks, though it would probably
be more appropriate to say he had yet to have enough.

As such, he decided to just sleep in…

He would only get extra perks when Cordy was energetic anyway.

Over at Saunderia, once Sam hung up, Quinn suggested, “I agree-we need to keep everyone in
Saudneria in line. Peter mentioned that the company is leaderless, so we need to rein in everyone. My
suggestion is to call for a board meeting and let everyone know that you’ll take over the duties as the
acting board chairman for the time being.”

“But can I do it?” Sam asked-even he doubted his own abilities.

“It’s the first step you must take. And you promised your father,” Quinn said bluntly.

Sam pursed his lips-he did say that, and now he had to stick with it.

“I’ll talk to Peter and have him prepare the conference room, ” Quinn added without delay, knowing full
well that Saunderia would be worse off the longer they dragged on.

Sam was left watching as Quinn made countless calls and queries-she always was doubly efficient
when it came to work.

She basically never stopped to breathe since the morning, and he had no idea what to do since this
was the first time he was here.

Feeling a vigor he did not know how to use, he kept watching as Quinn wore herself out when he
suddenly got the urge to share the burden.

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