Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1368

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Sam really wanted to curse out loud.

Was he really that incompetent that his presence would make the company bankrupt sooner?!

These geezers were never this rude when he came to Saunderia before-they would actually defer to
him and even greet him properly.

Now, they were being dismissive just because his father was in the hospital!

“Just leave already. Stop wasting our time.” One of the board members waved him off dismissively.

Sam decided to stop running around in circles with the geezers and cut straight to the point. “Saunderia
is merely facing two problems right now. The first is stagnating capital flow—we urgently need money,
but the banks are refusing to lend us any. The second is the censure against our core technology,
leading to overstock of our products and severe losses.”

The board members were all left taken aback, shocked that Sam would have taken the initiative to find
out the issues plaguing Saunderia.

However, most were still not interested. “If you know that, then stop wasting our time.”

“I’m here to handle said issues,” Sam said solemnly.

“You? How?” One of the board members sneered.

Sam said bluntly, “We will have a fifty million dollar capital injection in under a week.”

The rowdy conference room was suddenly silent, and another board member exclaimed, “What?”

“I said-we will have a fifty million dollar capital injection in a week,” Sam repeated.

“Where did you get the money? No bank is willing to offer any loans-“

“John Levine offered it to me,” Sam said nonchalantly.

The board was ready for more retort, but the mention of John stopped them.

“Are you sure about that?” one of the board members asked.

“Of course,” Sam said confidently.

That board member pursed his lips and stayed silent, while the other board members traded glances
and followed suit.

The capital deficit was an absolute headache for them, only for Sam to resolve it with relative ease-the
brat had definitely hit the jackpot befriending John.

“With the issue of capital out of the way, let’s move on to the other issue,” Sam pressed.

The board members traded glances again. They were certainly still reluctant to let Sam strut, but they
could not belittle him either-not after he got the fifty million they

needed so easily.

Nonetheless, Gilbert Wells-the board member leading the technological division—huffed, “We did have
an issue with one of our employees’ qualifications found to have been falsified. However, there are no
issues with our core technology-l can assure you of that!”

“Your assurances mean nothing,” Sam said bluntly, not sparing the man an ounce of dignity. “Not when
the customers don’t trust you.”

While Gilbert glowered, Sam pretended not to see that and continued, “What we need are authorities in
the field to verify that our core technology has no issues. That’s right up your alley, Mr. Wells-do you
know who is the leading authority in the field at the moment?”

“Of course,” Gilbert replied, scowling. “It’s Damian Craig, the director of TSL’s new energy division,
which is a company based in Minerva.”

“Good. Then we shall ask for his seal of approval.”

“Could you stop messing around, Sam?!” Gilbert exploded right then. “Do you think he’d accept our
invitation?! He’s our rival in the field of new energy-how inane would he have to be to take the role of
guarantor for our core technology?!”

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