Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1371

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After Sam and Quinn returned to their office from the board conference room, Sam promptly dropped
on his chair and started to shake from head to toe.

Quinn could not help giggling just then. “You were actually scared? Could have fooled me, especially
when you rendered Gilbert speechless.”

“I’m a boss, aren’t I?! I should at least show I have the spine,” Sam said, taking a deep breath to calm
himself. “Those gloomy geezers are somehow still scary… by the way, how did I do? Don’t you think
those geezers would hold a grudge and try to get back at me somehow?”

“No,” Quinn assured him. “They would only think that there’s finally someone worthy enough to keep
Saunderia going.”

“Really?” Sam remained skeptical. “Are you sure Gilbert wouldn’t stab me in the back after I
embarrassed him so much?”

“He’s just concerned you’d fail. If you succeed, they’ll think highly of you and come to trust you,” Quinn
told him.

“That mean I did well?” Sam’s lips were clearly curling up just then.

“Very.” Quinn was never stingy with her praise.

While Sam’s grin broadened, Quinn’s expresion turned serious. “But now’s not the time to celebrate

Saunderia’s still caught in a crisis, and we can’t let our guard down.”

Sam knew that too-unifying the company was pointless if they could not resolve the external issue.
“Well, what are you going to do now?”

While Quinn stared at him, his eyes twinkled, “You know I’ve been goofing off before coming here. I
have no idea how to manage a company or what I should be doing now.”

“That’s why I’m so pleased about this,” Quinn said, flashing a tender smile. “If you can put your heart
into leading Saunderia, your parents would be pleased too.”

Sam was certainly pleased-Quinn was really learning how to sweet-talk these days.

Feeling really motivated just then, he asked, “So, what should we do?”

“Since we only have to wait for John to deliver, we basically don’t have to worry about the capital
shortage,” Quinn explained. “And since the board basically acknowledged you as the chairman, we’re
safe against internal power struggles for the time being as well. The only challenge is to get Damian
Craig to agree to a joint venture.”

“Let’s go look for him.” Sam made up his mind right then.

As Quinn looked up at him, he frowned. “Or is that a no?”

Quinn simply smiled. “Actually, that’s a good idea. Let’s go right now.”

Sam may tend to rush things along, but she had to admit that he was deadly efficient.

In reality, one just had to try occasionally-brainstorming and analyzing in offices all the time would only

“I’ll have Peter book us tickets right away,” Quinn said. “Well also need someone to oversee company
matters, or chaos might ensue in your absence.”

“But who can we ask for help?” Sam was at a loss.

“We can just go with Gilbert.”

“What?!” Sam exclaimed, clearly disapproving. “That geezer’s been in my face the whole time. There’s
no way I’d let him.”

“That’s because he cares about Saunderia,” Quinn reasoned. “Moreover, letting him manage
Saunderia provisionally presents your magnanimity, showing that you’re not taking it personally. It’s
going to help you build a positive impression in the company.”

Sam nodded at that. “Alright, let’s go with that.”

Quinn beamed, feeling that having Sam settle down and lead the company just might work.

Early next morning, they both traveled to Minerva and headed straight to TSL, but they were turned
down at the door because they did not have an appointment, and Damian was busy with work.

They had no choice but to ask for a meeting the next day.

On the next day, however, they were informed that Damian would not be coming in because of a
meeting elsewhere.

Then, on the third day, they were told he had taken his annual leave.

Sam finally had enough. “Are you messing with me?!”

He was a tall man and looked all the more frightening when he got upset!

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