Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1370

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Gilbert fell back on his seat just then, too furious to say a word.

Ken Loggins, who sat beside him, said, “Sam, your father’s still in the hospital and the company’s a
mess—you shouldn’t mess with us right now. We are trying to find a solution, but there’s just nothing
we can do right now.”

“Once again, I’m here in earnest to manage Saunderia. I’m not here to mess around,” Sam said bluntly.
“Why else do you think a playboy like me would sit with you geezers for so long, suffering your

Quinn watched as the twentyish board members scowled.

They were elite business folk, only for Sam to call them geezers!

Sam took no notice-or never realized that they were all glowering at him-and continued without a care.
“Since none of you have any solutions, why not try what I suggested?”

“Because it’s not worth trying!” Gilbert could not help snapping right then.

“Why not? Anything is possible,” Sam said confidently. “For that man you spoke of, the superiority of
his position and the fact that he’s our business rival are the reasons he won’t cooperate. What if he

“What do you mean by ‘what if he isn’t’?” Gilbert scoffed, having no patience for Sam at all.

“Can’t we just buy his intellectual property?” Sam asked.” Since our core technology is suspect, we
could just acquire new tech. If that director is the leading global authority, we can just partner with him

or offer a joint venture for our car project. Those cars would end up as scrap metal in the end, or am I

The room turned silent as the board members seemed to be stunned by Sam’s whimsical words.

However, there was no question that this was a solution.

On the other hand, their solutions were confined to how they should sell their new energy powered cars
and to have the public acknowledge that there were no issues with their technology. A joint venture had
never crossed their minds- if the other side agreed to it, their technological issues would be resolved by

And with a better team working on their tech, they might even increase sales!

Gilbert more or less agreed to Sam’s idea but still asked, “ Even if that’s our way out, what guarantee
do we have that Damian Craig would say yes?”

“What guarantee?” Sam asked in return, shrugging. “There’s none in anything, is there? Or are you
suggesting that we shouldn’t do it just because we don’t have any? In that case, has anyone
anticipated the quality of the cars we produced to be called into question? That the financial pressure
could be a cause for our bankruptcy?! Nothing is ever guaranteed— the only thing we can do is try!”

None of the board members argued at that, as they all suddenly agreed with Sam’s statement.

After a long silence, one of them suddenly said, “I concur with the acting chairman’s opinion-that
there’s no guarantee of success. Ironically, there’s a guarantee of failure if we take no action.”

“Me too. Let’s put together a proposal and prepare for negotiations.”

“I must admit…” One of the board members suddenly sighed. “Young men have a more active
imagination compared to ours. We’ve been banging our heads against a brick wall to resolve those two
issues, only for you to resolve them with relative ease.”

“It’s yet to be resolved.” Gilbert certainly did not forget to tone down the hype. “No one knows if this
would work at all!”

“Stop raining on the young man’s parade already,” one of the board members reasoned. “Our issue
with the capital is already resolved, and that at least ensures the company’s operations stays on track.
Leave the rest to the kid-heck, it’s time we retire!”

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