Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1383

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“What?!” Marvin frowned, surprised that his wife would suddenly say something like that.

“We only ever cared about Ryan ever since they were children because he’s smart and a quick learner,
excelling in everything. But we neglected Sam in turn-l don’t even remember how many of his birthdays
we’ve celebrated for him.”

Marvin did a double take and argued feebly, “Birthdays?! He should be learning to man up instead-“

“But we celebrated Ryan’s birthday every time,” Lindsay pointed out. “And we’d celebrate Sam’s with
him just because they were born the same month, never celebrating Sam’s birthday by itself. And
everytime we celebrated Ryan’s birthday, everyone would only offer their wishes to Ryan, so that
doesn’t really count either.”

Marvin, however, was neither that considerate nor eager to discuss it. “What’s gotten into you? Why
would they mind? They’re brothers, y’know.”

“Haven’t you noticed that Ryan’s been making a habit of mocking Sam?” Lindsay told him. “I’m actually
getting fed up with the way Ryan talks to Sam now.”

Marvin snorted. “Ryan only does that because Sam behaves poorly. We all know all too well what Ryan
is like, don’t we? Ryan has been smart and obedient ever since he was a

child, never causing us any trouble. All Sam does is the opposite-“

“That still doesn’t give Ryan the right to mock Sam,” Lindsay said, cutting Marvin short. “Ryan hasn’t
done anything for the family either. What gives him the right to be indignant, as if he had the right of

Marvin was left staring at Lindsay. “What’s your problem? You used to favor Ryan even more than I do,
but now you’re getting upset with him?”

“I don’t know,” Lindsay replied.

She could not put her finger on it either, but there was no question that they had paid all their attention
to Ryan because they were convinced he stood a better chance of success. Even if they claimed that
they were fair, they all mostly cared about Ryan and only felt disappointment toward Sam.

Now, however, Lindsay felt that their constant disappointment toward Sam led to Ryan thinking Sam
insignificant, thereby driving a rift between the brothers.

“Oh, just stop it.” Marvin snorted when he saw the look on his wife’s face and assured her, “Ryan just
wants Sam to improve. He means well—that’s why he said what he said.”

“Fine, then what did Sam do wrong today?” Lindsay asked him in turn.

“What are you talking about?! How about leaving just because I was frustrated at the very mention of it-

wanted to ask about how things were in Saunderia, but Sam stormed off like a petty child before he
could say a word!

“But Ryan was already mocking him even before he left,” Lindsay reminded him.

While Marvin appeared taken aback, Lindsay continued.” Quinn and Sam headed abroad together to
discuss a joint venture with a man named Damian Craig . Even if I stopped you from working, I did ask
Peter about that man—he’s a technocrat, the haughty type who’s really difficult to get along with, and
it’s obvious that Sam has his work cut out for him.”

“But whatever the outcome may be, Sam has willingly done his part for Saunderia, and he didn’t
deserve Ryan’s

contempt as soon as he returned. That’s why we should’ve been supportive of Sam instead of telling
him off like we did. If you were in his shoes, how would you feel if you worked so hard, only for me to
tell you that Saunderia is suffering because of your poor leadership?”

While Marvin was left dumbstruck, Lindsay sighed. “I have no idea how it happened, but I’m starting to
feel guilty toward Sam. I’m convinced we’re too opinionated against him and therefore constantly
neglect him, never showing concern for him, let alone care for how he feels.”

“Oh, don’t bother yourself with such silly stuff.” Marvin clicked his tongue and waved her off. “Sam’s not
that delicate.”

“See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.” Lindsay raised a brow. “We’re so convinced that Sam is a
failure and a troublemaker that we’ve never cared if he’s happy or healthy. No… None of us have even
asked him what he wants!”

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