Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1381

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Sam’s words left Ryan even more furious, perhaps embarrassed because Sam was right.

Either way, he was losing control.

“Watch your mouth, Sam!” Ryan screamed. “When did I ever put the moves on Quinn?!”

However, before Sam could respond, Marvin barked at them sternly, “That’s enough! How old do you
think you are, arguing whenever you meet?! Sam-watch your words, that’s your brother you’re talking

Sam sneered in turn-he knew this would happen.

Ever since they were children, it was always his fault if he and Ryan ever argued.

He certainly remembered that one time he was having swimming practice in the garden’s swimming
pool, but Ryan told him to stop swimming that early in the morning because it affected his studies. Sam
ignored him since he had a swimming competition coming up at school.

Ryan simply ran to his parents after that, and they stopped him from swimming just because it affected

Sam tried to fight back, saying that he had a competition coming up, only for his parents to shoot him
down saying that it was pointless since it was within the school and that Ryan’s studies were more

Sam never swam at home ever since, and he had no idea if his parents ever noticed that.

But from the looks of things, they never did, and they were actually convinced that he actually did
disturb Ryan. They never cared that Ryan just had to shut his windows to cut off any noise, not to
mention that Sam was not making that much noise in the first place.

Sam certainly did not care now since he was used to it—be it in the past or present, their parents were
convinced that anything Ryan did was right. After all, Ryan was the pride of the family while he was
nothing and incapable of achieving anything, let alone deserved any praise.

It was no exaggeration that fortheir parents, everything Ryan said was right, while everything Sam said
was wrong.

With that in mind, Sam turned to leave, having no intent to defend himself or argue with them since it
was pointless-it would only leave him frustrated instead.

“Where are you going, Sam?!” Quinn quickly caught him, however, stopping him because he was not at
fault at all.

And what gave Marvin the right to tell Sam off like that? All Ryan did was his own so-called noble work,
never even calling to ask how things were, while Sam traveled abroad to discuss a joint venture for

Not only were they not getting any thanks in turn for the trouble, but they were instead shown such

Quinn would not stand for this even if Sam did not fight for himself!

“Where are you going?!” Marvin in turn snapped coldly at Sam, seeing that he was leaving.

“Wherever,” Sam replied coolly. “It doesn’t make a difference to any of you.”

And it was not as if they cared.

“You’re supposed to lead Saunderia now, Sam!” Marvin exclaimed in disappointment. “Can’t you just be
more mature? You’re leaving just because I told you off? Is that how you behaved at the board meeting
too, throwing your hands up once the board members started arguing against you?! How am I going to
have the peace of mind to entrust you with Saunderia?!”

Sam sneered but did not argue since Marvin saw him as useless anyway. “In that case, just don’t.”

With that, he strode off, forcing Quinn to leave with him since she could not hold him in place no matter
how hard she tried…

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