Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1382

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Marvin was left ashen faced with frustration in his ward, with Ryan relentlessly goading him. “Sam’s
supposed to be an adult, but he doesn’t care how others feel at all! Others notwithstanding, he’d come
here just to upset you while you’re in the hospital. He really isn’t improving even after all those years…”

While Marvin got more frustrated the more he listened, Lindsay quickly tried to calm things down. “Cut
it out, Ryan.”

Ryan put on a scornful look instead. “It’s not like I want to say it. He’s just such a disappointment!”

“Cut it out,” Lindsay repeated, a tinge of impatience in her voice this time.

Ryan could tell that much and pursed his lips as he kept quiet.

“I just spoke to your father’s physician, and he’s fine for now with no issues,” Lindsay said then. “He
just needs rest.

You’ve been busy too, so you don’t have to stay here. I can take care of him.”

“Are you really fine, Dad?” Ryan asked in concern.

“I’m much better.” Marvin nodded. “I’d be discharged if it wasn’t for your mother being a worrywart.”

“No, you shouldn’t-your health is more important, so don’t worry about work. Just rest up,” Ryan told

“Okay.” Marvin nodded.

“I’ll be going, then. Call me if anything comes up—I’ll come back to visit whenever I’m free.”

“Yeah. You take care of yourself too,” Lindsay told him.

“You never have to worry about me,” Ryan said, insinuating that he was different from Sam since he
would never stray out of line.

After sending Ryan off, Lindsay returned to find Marvin still scowling.

He looked up at her and said, “Give me my phone.”

“For what?” she asked, since she had put it away so that he would rest properly instead of worrying
about work.

“I want to know how things are going,” Marvin admitted. “I’m worried about leaving the company in
Sam’s hands even if Quinn is with him, and we’re in the midst of a crisis.”

Lindsay stayed silent and thoughtful just then.

Thinking that she was hesitant, Marvin quickly said, “Don’t worry-it would be for less than ten minutes.
You can take it back after that, and I won’t worry about Saunderia after that.”

“Dear.” Lindsay’s expression suddenly turned solemn. ’’Don’t you think we’re prejudiced against Sam?”

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