Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1385

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Quinn continued, “You can’t blame your parents even though I disagree with them and dislike what they
said about you. But if you calm down and think, their prejudice against you is understandable—you
were always messing around, while Ryan was smarter and disciplined. All we need to do is have your
parents see that you’re changing and doing your best, and I’m sure they’ll see you in a new light in
time. So instead of getting petty with them, prove yourself through your actions instead, alright?”

Sam stayed silent, so Quinn had no idea what he was thinking-it was concerning since he had always
been radical, and no one could ever force him to do anything he did not like.

But now that he had changed, Quinn believed that he must not give up halfway through now.

“Sam?” she called out to him tentatively.

“I know,” Sam suddenly said, leaving her perplexed.

What did he mean?

“I mean I know they won’t trust me until I show results. It’s my fault for being a disappointment before,”
Sam said with a tinge of irony and impatience, seeing the puzzled look on her face, but his anger had
clearly subsided considerably.

“You weren’t a disappointment. It just wasn’t the right time for you to show your merits,” Quinn said,
doing all she could to encourage Sam. “But the time has come, and you’ll leave everyone astounded.”

Sam shot her a sideways glance. “You really like to stroke others’ egos, huh?”

“Just stating facts,” Quinn replied with a look of determination.

Sam suddenly smiled, and it was so genuine that Quinn felt delighted too.

Still, his smile soon faded, seemingly because he realized that he was doing it.

Turning away from her, he huffed, “I just find you laughable. Nothing else.”

With that, they reached their car where their chauffeur had been waiting for a while, and Sam entered
with Quinn quickly following.

“You actually look handsome when you smile, Sam,” she suddenly told him.

Sam kept his back to her, though he could not help smiling just then. Still, Quinn could see it from his
reflection in the mirror. He was definitely changing gradually, and though she was really concerned that
something would affect his growth, she looked forward to his metamorphosis!

“Are we heading home, Mr. Saunders?” the chauffeur asked respectfully as he drove the car out of the
parking lot.

“To the office,” Sam growled.

Quinn did a double take, thinking she misheard him for a moment.

It was a long flight home, and they were heading straight to the office instead of going home for a

Was he really listening to her and properly doing his best now?!

“Don’t give yourself too much credit-it’s not for your sake,” Sam suddenly growled viciously. “I’m just fed
up with my parents and Ryan belittling me all the time. I’ll show them how awesome I am and give
them a slap in the face!”

Quinn could not help smiling—Sam was never eager to get ahead before, and he only gave up further
the more they disparaged him.

But now, she had this feeling he changed for her sake… Or at the very least, he agreed to all the stuff
she said.

“I’m sticking with you, Sam,” she promised him right then.” We’ll give them a slap in the face together!”

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