Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1386

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Just a day after Sam and Quinn returned to work, the funding John promised arrived.

While the board had been unhappy with Sam after his standoffish attitude, they could not help being
excited when they received the money. They were certainly surprised that someone as hedonistic as
Sam would be able to resolve a major issue like lack of funding!

And once they got their money, Sam, Quinn, and the board discussed how they should be channeling
the money and setting a list of priorities.

“I just started work, and I’ve seen the numbers,” Sam said. ” Actually, the numbers are all there in my
head even when I take a dump.”

The board was certainly stumped—could he not be a little more refined with his words?

Nonetheless, Sam continued to state his opinion. “I must admit that I don’t have a deeper
understanding of the numbers, but personally speaking, I want to ensure that the employees are paid. I
heard from finance that the average employee has their wages delayed for over six weeks, while it is
three months for executives. Do you think it’s possible for a horse to run without feeding it?”

“Yes-delayed wages might lead to unrest among the lower levels. The cost of appeasing them isn’t that
high, even if

executives would consider more factors,” Gilbert said, agreeing with Sam for once, though he soon
added,” However, I’d still suggest giving the executives a month’s pay to keep them in line for now and
then pay everything at once when our capital flow is fully restored.”

Sam frowned. “I disagree.”

His immediate protest showed no hesitation or regard for Gilbert, which left the latter scowling. “Could
you hear us out on this one, Sam? We’re really short on money, and three months of delayed pay is no
small sum. We should instead keep the funding we received to be used only for emergencies.”

“So you’re saying that we should skip paying our executives just in case of emergencies? That we’re
keeping the money until we’re out of the red?”

“No one expected so many surprises,” Gilbert said stubbornly.

“In that case, I don’t care.” Sam refused to hear a word of it.” The executives are only human-that’s all I
know. We shouldn’t demand that they sacrifice their pay just because resigning would cost them more.
They’re working hard too, and they have their own families and lives! No one’s delaying any payment,
and not a single cent at that. I’ll come up with something else if we run out of money again.”

Gilbert certainly had more to say when Quinn echoed, “I agree with Mr. Saunders. Other factors
notwithstanding, Saunderia is at a critical juncture. We may be the board, but we can’t turn the tide on
our own-everyone should be surmounting this crisis together, be it average employees or executives.
That’s why we have to show our vision and understanding as leaders of the organization and refrain
from owing them anything as long as Saunderia’s operations run smoothly. I’m sure that the employees
would respond in kind if we go that far for them. We really don’t need that money that badly.”

Gilbert sighed at that. “Fine-do as you see fit. Sam’s the board chairman-what he says goes anyway.
You young’uns do as you please.”

There was dissatisfaction in his tone, but for a man with strong opinions and a social standing as high
as his, it was already a miracle that he accepted someone else’s suggestion.

The other board members did not question Sam, seeing that Gilbert had already agreed with him.

The board meeting lasted an hour.

Sam hated meetings-he would never step into a conference room unless he had to. That was why he
dismissed everyone as soon as he had his say and returned to his office, familiarizing himself further
with his work with Quinn’s help.

Past 11 PM, however, Quinn suddenly received a call from Ryan.

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