Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1391

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Ryan snorted grumpily. “What good is that? Have you thought of a backup plan in case the joint
venture falls true? Wouldn’t the company face another crisis?”

“Of course we are going to prepare a backup plan,” Quinn explained. “We are having a board meeting
for that agenda tomorrow, and we’ll decide on improvements or reforms in case that happens.”

While Ryan was left speechless since he could not find fault in that, Quinn added, “Sam and I are
thinking we could abandon the new energy car project if the joint venture does fall through.”

“What about the losses sustained?!” Ryan snapped in agitation right then. “Don’t forget that John
Levine’s loan was used precisely to make up for that! Or are you going to leave it as bad debt?!”

“We will repay it-friendships aside, business is business,” Quinn said firmly. “We’ll use the profits from
Saunderia’s other operations.”

“And the investment is just going to be abandoned?!” Ryan was still disgruntled-that would lead to a
100% loss, while they might at least sell a few cars if they persisted.

“That’s the sunk cost fallacy,” Quinn replied. “Without Damian Craig’s advocacy and the public being
thoroughly skeptical toward our technology, we won’t make any sales

at all. Instead, it would expose us to a PR disaster as well, and that would culminate in a stock market

Ryan had more to say, but Quinn told him bluntly, “Of course, there are plenty of other issues to
discuss, and we’ll do that with the board. The board has rights too, so their opinion is necessary
because Saunderia isn’t entirely ours. Anything we say here is pointless-we just have to wait until the
meeting tomorrow.”

Ryan pursed his lips, obviously stumped by Quinn’s words.

Was she not saying that he was not a part of Saunderia and therefore had no right to impose?!

With that, the car was silent again until they returned to Saunders Mansion.

As Ryan alighted, he turned toward Quinn. “You should stay in the mansion tonight.”

Quinn did a double take before turning toward Sam-they had been staying at their smaller house for a
while now.

However, Sam stayed silent and stared outside the window as he had been throughout the journey.

“No,” Quinn said then. “Sam and I will be heading back to our home.”

Ryan’s face dropped.

‘Our’ home?! What did she mean?!

Was she really dead set on Sam now?!

“Good night, Ryan,” Quinn said with a politely distant smile before shutting the door and turning to the
chauffeur.” Please take us back to Central Avenue, Larry.”

Ryan could only watch as the car sped off into the distance. He always had a nagging feeling that
Quinn was still upset with him for letting her down-that she felt abandoned whatever his reasons might
be and that she was just being petty and using Sam as a tool against him.

Right now, however, he felt that Quinn had really gotten over him-that her heart and soul was placed
entirely on Sam, and it was no act…

Even so… he was not about to hand Quinn off to someone else! 2

Ryan’s eyes narrowed-there was no way he would just take this lying down!

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