Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1389

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Marvin was earnestly relieved. All he wanted was that capital injection to keep Saunderia standing-
anything else could wait!

He did not shy away from affirming Sam too. “We really owe you this time, Sam.”

Though Sam was not too enthusiastic, he replied, “That’s mostly thanks to Johnny’s help. He gave me
the money

once I asked and offered me some suggestions on how to resolve Saunderia’s issues.”

“Yes, you should learn from him,” Marvin said, pleased nonetheless. “He’s always had an acumen for
business even as a youth. You’ve made a good friend.”

As Sam nodded, Ryan was left seething.

He never expected Sam to easily resolve Saunderia’s monetary issue. While he would rather
Saunderia be safe instead of going bankrupt as well, Sam’s contribution still made him uncomfortable.

As such, he could resist adding sarcastically, “No friend can protect you for life in the end, and John
Levine won’t help you again if you fail this time. Don’t keep bothering the man when he has company to
manage himself-learn to stand on your own feet!”

“He’s learning to do just that,” Quinn retorted, leaping to Sam’s defense. “He did well when we traveled
abroad to

negotiate a joint venture.”

She did not want Ryan to keep belittling Sam like that. Also, whether she had imagined it or not, she
had the nagging feeling that Ryan was not offering advice-he simply could not stand Sam doing well.

Ryan’s voice cooled as well. “Everything depends on the outcome. Don’t praise him over nothing-l
really think you’re losing your sense of self.”

“What…” Quinn was stumped, but he was right-all she had were cheap words before the dust settled.

However, she also believed that the effort made should be acknowledged regardless of the outcome,
instead of obsessing over the outcome like Ryan did.

“I never believed myself impressive or capable of leading Saunderia,” Sam suddenly said bluntly to
help Quinn out of the bind. “But at the very least, I’ve worked hard for this instead of being sarcastic
while doing nothing like you.”

“How is this sarcastic?! I’m encouraging you, aren’t I?! I’m concerned that you’d get ahead of yourself
and lose the plot, ” Ryan retorted with righteous indignation. “You know better than anyone else what
you’re like, and I’m saying all this for your own good! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!”

Sam pursed his lips, his very presence suddenly cold.

“That’s enough, Ryan,” Lindsay suddenly spoke, clearly having had enough. “Sam has been working
hard for Saunderia and actually succeeded in resolving their capital issue. Encourage him instead of
trying to rebuff him.”

“Just stop,” Lindsay repeated, her tone obviously sterner.

Ryan could hear that she was upset and was left frowning, his stomach churning grumpily.

Lindsay simply ignored him and walked up to Sam in turn, taking his hand. “You’ve done really well,
Sam. There’s a lot to do at Saunderia, and I think both you and Quinn should take note of your health
as welI—it’s more important than anything, especially after what happened to your dad.”

Quinn could not help smiling, seeing that Lindsay’s attitude toward Sam was clearly changing. “Don’t
worry, Mrs.

Saunders. We’ll take good care of ourselves.”

“This is such a relief.” Lindsay smiled at Sam in turn. “The family is in your hands now, Sam.”

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