Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1390

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Sam was a little unnerved-if not shocked-that Marvin and Lindsay were suddenly poring over him.

Having no idea how to respond occasionally, he would just nod or stay silent.

Ryan looked on, miffed that their parents never ignored him like this.

However, he did not get petty about it since he always considered Sam a failure. He never held out
much hope in Sam and was convinced that the more hopes put on Sam, the bigger a disappointment
Sam would be.

“It’s late. Your dad’s fine—both of you should go home,” Lindsay said affectionately then.

Sam did not refuse-he had an early meeting the next morning and was concerned he would have
trouble waking up the next day.

He always had trouble waking up early and had to drag himself out of bed by sheer will for a week now.

However, Ryan was following them as he and Quinn left Marvin’s ward, and they entered the elevator

The air in the room was suddenly awkward as they were all silent-despite growing up together, they
somehow had nothing to say to each other.

As they arrived at the basement parking lot, Marvin’s chauffeur was there waiting for Sam and Quinn.

Ryan then got into the car with them-he did not have a chauffeur, and his workplace was not about to
assign him one when he worked somewhere abroad.

Quinn was left staring at him, while Sam stared out of the window, seemingly unconcerned.

“I need a ride home,” Ryan said. “Or is that a no?”

“Sure.” Quinn nodded right away—Marvin’s chauffeur just happened to since Marvin was hospitalized.

The car was silent, and Quinn felt exceedingly uneasy sitting between Sam and Ryan-she would really
rather take the front seat just then…

“How is Saunderia right now specifically? You don’t have to hide anything from me. Just give it to me
straight,” Ryan suddenly said.

Quinn immediately frowned-they had just told Marvin and Lindsay everything, did they not? And what
was this feeling she had that he was doubting them?!

Ryan noticed her reaction and added as if he was being nice, “I get it. You don’t want my parents to
worry, so you try to keep things sound as positive as you can. There’s no need to hide from me,
however-l’ll ask if I could have my friends pull some strings.”

“Everything we told your parents is how things are at Saunderia,” Quinn replied patiently. “We’re not

anything or trying to paint things in a better light. Right now, with the issue of capital resolved,
operations will run optimally, and the only thing to do now is to resolve the setback we had from our
new energy car project. Once the joint venture goes through and sales and production proceed, we’ll
be able to return John’s loan.”

“Is there anything guaranteed with the joint venture?” Ryan asked skeptically.

“No, we’re still waiting for a response,” Quinn said. “But we’ve done our best.”

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