Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1388

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Nonetheless, Quinn continued loudly, “That’s not all either— right after we left the hospital, neither Sam
nor myself took a break. We headed straight to the office to resume work. Yes, Sam is working very
hard now.*

Marvin and Lindsay were left obviously stunned. In fact, even if Lindsay had caught on that they had
been prejudiced against Sam, she was still surprised and delighted to see him changing dramatically.
“Is that true, Sam?”

Sam said nothing—he was always stubborn whenever his temper flared, but they were used to taking
his refusal to respond as the obvious truth.

“That’s great, Sam! I’m so happy,” Lindsay quickly said. “I’ve been worried that Saunderia would be
neglected, but I’m relieved with you around now.”

“Oh look, he’s learning,” Marvin said sternly, but he was clearly acknowledging Sam too.

And the sight of his parents’ change of attitude toward Sam left Ryan fuming-he was ever got praised,
and Sam never got to steal the spotlight from him before!

“Obviously, it’s nice to see him mend his ways,” Ryan said darkly. “Let’s just hope it’s not just a fluke.”

“Don’t worry,” Sam retorted. “I promised to take the reins, and I’ll see it through.”

“And I’ll be watching,” Ryan said sardonically. “Also, working and doing well are two separate things.
You should be succeeding if you’re taking the reins.”

Quinn was certainly able to hear the jibe in Ryan’s tone, and she promptly defended Sam. “But thanks
to Sam, Saunderia has received a capital injection and the company’s operations are restored.”

“There’s a bank that actually gave Saunderia a loan?!” Ryan exclaimed in surprise.

Marbin and Lindsay were gaping at Sam too-Lindsay in particular had kept Marvin’s phone turned off in
fear to keep him away from tending to company matters. Conversely, that also meant they were
unaware that Saunderia was back on track again.

“No, it’s not a bank-as we understand it, no bank was willing to give us a loan. Sam personally asked
John for it,” Quinn said bluntly.

Ryan’s eyes narrowed.

He never expected Sam to be able to get the money just a few days after he started work, or that John
would actually help. He was convinced that Sam’s friends were all just fair- weather friends who only
hung out with him and would refuse to help when it came to personal gain.

Nonetheless, Marvin was excited. “Really? We really received a loan to cover everything? That’s not a
small sum we’re talking about!”

“Yes,” Quinn said. “You can ask around if you doubt us, Mr. Saunders.”

“Oh, no, no, no. It’s definitely true if you say it, Quinn,” Marvin quickly said, unable to hide the smile on
his face.

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