Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1396

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Every board member raised their hands in approval once Sam was finished, and Ryan could not
believe his eyes.

“Haven’t each and everyone of you given your blood and sweat for the new energy car project?!” Ryan
demanded loudly. “And you’re giving it up just like that?! This means you’re just writing off everything
as a loss when you still have hope if you don’t give up!”

Even before Sam could speak, however, Gilbert finally had enough. “Ryan, do you really understand
what Saunderia is going through at the moment? Did you ask before you came? n

“Of course I did,” Ryan said bluntly.

“I don’t believe that to be the case,” Gilbert told him.

He was always candid-he had been lenient toward Ryan earlier, perhaps because he regarded the boy
through rose- tinted glasses.

Now, however, enough was enough.

“I don’t mind admitting that I’ve regarded Sam with contempt,” Gilbert continued. “He had been goofing
off for years despite holding a position in Saunderia, but now, I see him in a different light because he’s
earnest about setting things right, and doing his best. Your presence here, however … I can’t help but
think that you’re just messing around or indeed wasting our time.”

“Mr. Wells.” Ryan’s face fell. “I would understand that if you don’t agree with my proposal, but you’re
just insulting me!”

“I’m just stating facts, and if I were to be honest, I was even harsher with Sam when he announced
himself as acting board chairman, but he’s proven himself on his own merits.”

“But I’m just trying to sustain my father’s legacy. You have no right to humiliate me like this.”

“That’s why I asked if you understand what’s going on in Saunderia. If you actually took this seriously,
you’d realize the new energy car project is the reason behind our capital flow stalling and us facing
potential bankruptcy. If we don’t apply the right strategy before we make another foray, the same thing
will happen again. That is why at present, the only option is to scrap the new energy car project instead
of undertaking a pointless effort should the joint venture fall through.”

Gilbert’s words left Ryan utterly embarrassed-he had never suffered such humiliation before!

Even so, Gilbert continued slowly and clearly, “Your father and I are old friends after decades being
business partners, and our families I close. I myself watched you grow up, and I didn’t expect that you
would disappoint me this much and that it’d be Sam who gives me something to look forward to. n

Ryan certainly could not abide with being belittled like that!

“In that case, do you think Sam would secure that so-called joint venture?! Do you think he can lead the
company if he

takes things seriously?! Do you also think it’s right, walking all over me just because my proposal was a
mistake?” i

“Right now, what I know is that you have no idea what is going on in Saunderia or what it means to run
a business. Yes, everyone knows that you were always smarter than your peers ever since a child, just
as the technocrats know the part you’ve played in the technological department. See, I’m not denying
your gift, but you’re only outstanding in your own field. You’re talentless when it comes to business.”

Before Ryan could argue, Gilbert continued, “The negotiation for the joint venture is not as easy as
you’d like to think either. It’s perfectly normal if it falls through-that’s just how business works. That’s
why we won’t doubt Sam’s competence even if it falls through, because it’s a means to salvage the
new energy car project in the first place. No, we can even say that success is not within our
calculations. But if Sam does secure it, that would prove that he’s exceptional, n

“He’s not going to get it,” Ryan repeated.

He had no rebuttals aside from repeating that, after all.

Gilbert frowned in turn, clearly annoyed with Ryan’s stubborn contempt for Sam.

Quinn was upset too-she did not think so when she was younger, but she could clearly feel how utterly
dismissive Ryan was toward Sam.

He was thoroughly convinced that Sam was hopeless, even though she used to think that Sam goofed
off too much as well!

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