Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1398

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The conference room was suddenly so silent one could hear a pin drop.
The board seemed to think they were hearing things and held their breaths in fear that they were
Ryan, however, was thoroughly skeptical that the eternally bratty, useless Sam could secure the joint
Nonetheless, Sam repeated sonorously so that everyone could hear him clearly, “Damian Craig has
agreed to our joint venture, and he will be present when we sign the agreement next Wednesday, after
which we would go into details regarding the joint venture.”
“For real?!” Gilbert exclaimed, his voice almost shaking even though he was the first to come to his
The rest of the board was looking at Sam in disbelief. They- including Marvin—were convinced that the
new energy car project was a lost cause, and scrapping it was inevitable to prevent further loss of
capital should they fail to secure the joint venture. None of them would find the losses regrettable
either, because it was a strategic withdrawal given the circumstances.
They all knew how difficult it would be to secure a joint venture involving transnational technological
exchange either and with a rival of sorts.
It was therefore unthinkable that Sam made it work anyway!
“That’s what Damian said when he called me just now.” Sam shrugged just then.
“I… I don’t know what to say!” Gilbert was speechless in thrill.
The other board members joined in to offer their praise too.
“Well done, Sam!”
“How did you get Damian Craig to agree to it? I heard the man’s eccentric, and most people can’t even
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“This is a monumental achievement, Sam-it’d otherwise take up to five years for Saunderia to fully
recoup the losses! 99
As every board member fawned over Sam and praised him, Ryan was left ignored, though it was not
like he could speak at all just then.
He stared fixedly at Sam, unable to believe that the latter had really secured the joint venture-what
fluke was this?! Did Sam just happen to be in the right place and the right time when the Minervans
decide on expanding into Zidonia?!
That had to be it—Sam would otherwise never achieve something like this!
Nonetheless, the bustle in the conference room lasted for a while until Sam gestured for everyone to be
quiet. “Damian has only agreed to the joint venture. We have preparations ahead of his arrival next
Wednesday-don’t let down your guard just yet.”
“Yes, yes,” the board agreed right away.
“You’ve changed so much, Sam.” Gilbert could not help praising Sam again. “I can’t even calm down at
my age, while you remain ever composed. Your father should be proud of having a son like you, just as
Saunderia should be proud that you’ll be taking the reins.”
Such earnest flattery actually left Sam blushing, but he stayed calm.
“I’ve just done what I can, and I thank you for tolerating my shortcomings before,” he said politely
before returning to the topic at hand. “With the joint venture now agreed upon, we shall discuss it, since
the earlier discussion about scrapping the project and cutting losses is now moot. We don’t have to
reconsider human resource management for the project either-just have the workers be on standby
until the project is revived.”
“Yes,” the board agreed.
“Quinn will be in charge of arranging the particulars of the joint venture,” Sam added solemnly. “She
knows the specifics of Saunderia’s operations better than I do.”
“Yes.” Quinn nodded—Sam was far from proficient when it came to the specifics since he had not been
working here forthat long.

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