Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1397

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It was not just Quinn-Marvin and Lindsay would probably agree that Sam used to goof off too much as
well. However, after Sam had changed and his work was showing results, they were earnestly pleased
and offered encouragement.
It was only Ryan who was staunchly convinced that Sam was a failure and refused to trust him.
When Quinn could not help defending Sam, his phone suddenly started to ring.
He checked the caller ID and promptly answered.Books Chapters Are Daily Updated Join & Stay
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That move seemed to be a grievous offense in Ryan’s eyes, and he promptly snapped, “We’re in a
meeting, Sam!
Personal calls aren’t allowed! Don’t you have any respect for the board?!”
Sam simply ignored him and walked over to a quieter corner, leaving him fuming.
Gilbert snapped at Ryan right then, “He’s the acting chairman, and anything he says goes-that means
he gets to answer calls whenever he wants to! We’ve also been in enough meetings with him to know
that he won’t answer unless it’s important.”
Ryan’s face was left ashen and thought to himself right then that Gilbert must be in cahoots with Sam—
why else would Gilbert repeatedly leap to Sam’s defense while insulting him thoroughly?!
However, even as he turned to the other board members, they were all keeping quiet, clearly not taking
issue with Sam taking a call at the meeting!
Ryan was speechless then—what goodies did Sam promise these people?!
Nevertheless, he had to stay silent despite his impatience, since everyone else was keeping quiet.
Eventually, Sam was done with the call and returned.
Before he could speak, Ryan snapped, “Don’t you think it’s an issue, having everyone wait while you
take that call?!

Everyone’s time is precious, and you’re wasting it.”
“I don’t think I’m wasting anyone’s time,” Sam said slowly and clearly. “Because-“
“Right, you’re never wrong. Because you always know what you’re doing—even as a child,” Ryan
As Sam glowered, Ryan continued, “There’s no way Dad would rest easy letting you be acting board
Anyone would do better than you, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked for an extended leave. You have no
idea how much progress is delayed with me being away-“
“Actually, I think you’re the one wasting everyone’s time with your crap.” Sam cut him short right then.
Ryan exploded right then, but before he was ready to leap up and lecture Sam, Sam suddenly said,
“I’ve secured the joint venture.”

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