Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1401

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Ryan gritted his teeth—he was not giving up on Quinn!

He would make her regret and understand how bad a mistake she had made in choosing Sam!

Meanwhile, Quinn headed straight to Sam’s office after leaving Ryan’s office to find that he was busy
with work.

He did not spare a moment for himself once he returned and would be reading up on documents even
after work.

Quinn earnestly felt that he changed drastically, and since hard work always pays off, she believed he
would achieve great things.

Sam looked up at her just then and asked coolly, “What did Ryan talk to you about?”

“He wanted me to be his personal assistant,” Quinn replied.

She did not hide it from him-in fact, she did not want to hide anything from him from now on.

If she wanted to make things work with him, she certainly had to show her sincerity.

Sam’s fingers paused over his keyboard just then, and he chuckled coolly.

However, he did not ask further questions, as if not interested in knowing if she agreed to it.

Or perhaps in his mind, Quinn already did-when had she ever turned Ryan down?

Still, he forced himself to return his attention back to his work. He had made up his mind on fixing the
mess in Saunderia, and he was not about to give up halfway.

Nonetheless, Quinn suddenly said, “I told him no.”

Sam’s heart skipped a beat, and the feeling was so obvious that he could not deny it.

Even so, he kept a straight face, appearing nonchalant while his fingers continued typing away on the

Quinn did not expect him to be affected much either, since he never cared that much about her-all she
could do was tell him what she did.

“Why didn’t you?” Sam asked flatly just then.

“Because I feel that you’d need me more.” Quinn smiled.

Sam pursed his lips-Quinn had always been rational and understood that Sam was staying at
Saunderia while Ryan was only here temporarily.

Still, he was a little disappointed, even if he would rather die than admit it.

“And I would rather stay with you,” Quinn suddenly added.

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