Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1407

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“Sam,” Quinn called out loudly to him despite knowing he was furious. “At least take Ryan to the

Ryan was still family, and she did not want such discord between the brothers.

And if something happened to Ryan…

Sam paused.

He knew that he did not actually hurt Ryan—having trained in close-quarters combat, he knew which
spots in the human body would sustain serious damage.

In fact, even if he lost his cool, he would not hurt Ryan’s vitals.

However, since Sam was not responding, she promptly whipped out her phone to call an ambulance for

She kept her distance from Ryan, however, simply watching as he lay on the floor nearby as they
waited for the ambulance.

She could clearly see that he was absolutely furious but did not have the strength to get up and fight

She certainly had no idea why those two had been constantly fighting for a while now, and this was the
second time things got physical!

Even if they were distant as brothers, things would not have gone this far when they were children. And
now, to think that they would be this irrational especially at their age!

Nonetheless, the paramedics soon arrived and moved Ryan into the ambulance on a stretcher.

Quinn got in as well, but Sam was not about to get in.

She hesitated and got out to pull him in.

The journey was silent, and rage seemed palpable in the room.

Ryan was immediately rushed to ER when they arrived, while Sam and Quinn waited upstairs.

As Sam stood in a corner, clearly apathetic, Quinn saw that his face was hurt too.

“Don’t you want to get yourself checked too, Sam?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he growled. “It’s just flesh wounds. I’ll be better soon enough.”

Quinn did not press the issue, while the ER’s signal lights soon faded.

“He’s fine,” his doctor announced. “It’s all just cuts and bruises.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Quinn said gratefully. “Should we get him admitted?”

“No need. He just needs some medicine and bed rest.”


Ryan could walk by himself out of the ER—aside from his battered face, nothing about his gait
appeared out of the ordinary.

“I’ll go to the pharmacy—wait here for me, both of you,” Quinn quickly said, though she added
worriedly, “Don’t start fighting again.”

Neither of the brothers spoke, even if they looked more like enemies just then.

Quinn did not press the issue and left—those two would have calmed down just then instead of
continuing to fight.

She returned to them after getting Ryan’s medicine.

Having called their chauffeur earlier, he was waiting for them outside.

Once again, the journey was silent until they returned to Saunders Mansion.

Quinn handed Ryan his medicine. “Remember to apply it according to the instructions there.”

“Aren’t you coming with me?” Ryan asked.

Sam’s knuckles clenched.

Nonetheless, Quinn answered, “No.”

“I’m giving you one last chance, Quinn. Come with me tonight, or we shall go our separate ways,” Ryan

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