Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1408

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Quinn snapped right then. “How many times do I have to tell you, Ryan?! It’s really over between us-
we’re never getting back together!”

She was actually angry, just as she had no idea how to make the message sink in so Ryan would
believe this was what she really thought.

Why did he have to be so stubborn?!

Ryan glared at Quinn and growled through his teeth right then, “You’re going to regret this, Quinn!”

He then slammed the door shut with a loud bang, causing it to shake from the force.

The chauffeur was too afraid to make a sound, let alone ask for orders.

On the other hand, Quinn was calm. “Let’s go.”

Sam turned to study her just then.

He was a little jubilant but would not dare to get too pleased -it always was a case of ‘win some, lose
some’ whenever he and Quinn were concerned.

Still, after the chauffeur started the car and started to take them home, the journey was silent once

After all, Sam would rather die than start a conversation if Quinn did not.

They alighted consecutively as they got home, both of them exhausted.

They had been working through the night, and it was now 3 AM because of the mess with Ryan,
limiting them to just four hours of sleep.

Still, Quinn forced herself to stay awake and said, “Take a shower. I’ll help you with ointment later-your
face is bruised, and there’s swelling on your hand.”

Sam pursed his lips and replied, “Yeah.”

Quinn showered in her own room, briefly clearing her head.

She then took the first aid kit from the living room and knocked on Sam’s door.

He was sitting on the couch, already in his pajamas.

He had a cigarette, which he was not lighting up, between his fingers.

There was no telling if he had suddenly lost interest or was just afraid that she would hate the smoke.

She made her way to him, taking out a bottle of iodine solution and a tube of ointment.

“Lower your back, Sam-1 can’t reach you,” she told him mildly.

Sam did as she told, and Quinn could not help smiling-he rarely listened so easily.

As she gently disinfected his cuts and applied ointment on his bruises, she would blow on it in case it
hurt him.

Sam stared at her from up close, feeling no pain since she was really gentle, just as the coolness of the
medicine applied affords him some comfort.

His heart rate turned irregular, and he lowered his gaze to not look at her face in case he lost control.

Suddenly, he asked, “Are you really spurning Ryan?”

Quinn, who was seriously tending to his injury, was actually a little surprised to hear him start a

He rarely did that, after all.

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