Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1409

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Sam was not actually introverted-he was just uninterested where Quinn was concerned.

Sighing, she snapped, ‘ Neither you nor Ryan believe me, do you?!”

Was she that untrustworthy?!

Sam kept a neutral look, though his heart was pounding thunderously and his breathing was turning
ragged. “I just think that Ryan’s better than me in every way. You have no reason to choose me

“I don’t think he’s better than you,” Quinn said nonchalantly.

“What?” Sam raised his brow, not quite believing what he just heard.

Everyone knew for a fact that Ryan was smarter and more competent than he was. In fact, he had
been labeled a loser and lost cause ever since a child.

Nonetheless, Quinn repeated, “I don’t think he’s better than you. Increasingly so.”

“But haven’t you been in love with him for years ever since you were a child?”

“Now that I thought about it, it’s dependence rather than affection,” Quinn said as she applied ointment
to his bruises. “When we were children, I thought of him as being mature and always having it together,
unlike you who kept

bullying me every chance you got. And with my parents gone and having to live in an unfamiliar place, I
was insecure and needed someone reliable to give me a sense of security.”

Putting down the ointment then, she looked Sam straight in the eye as she continued, “At that time,
Ryan really made me feel that he could protect me. That’s why I never really gave serious thought to
my relationship with him, and I thought relying on him was no different from loving him… though that
proved to be not the case. And now, I no longer hate him for leaving me at the altar, just as I’m not
inclined to rekindle our relationship. In fact, I hope he’ll stay away from me so we can live our own
separate lives.”

Sam gulped, working hard to repress the excitement in him just then.

Sam really never thought that a day would come when Quinn would fall out of love with Ryan and
genuinely get over him.

If anything, Sam was convinced that she would inevitably return to Ryan’s side.

“Then, are you serious about staying with me?” Sam asked.

Heaven knows how much courage he had to muster to ask that!

“Of course,” Quinn said bluntly. ’Like I said-l don’t think he’s better than you. Also, it’s everyone that
they neglect to see your potential, in turn completely ignoring your presence.”

“I’m hardly anything that impressive,” Sam said, blushing from such direct praise.

Quinn shrugged before continuing with a determined tone,” Well, I did think you goofed off too much
and had nothing going for you, but you’re completely different than how you usually are when you take
your job seriously. You work hard and have both the wits and brawn to match, which makes you a
talent needed in business. I won’t deny Ryan’s smartness or his accomplishments in scientific
research. But that just makes him suited for that particular field, not business management.”

“I won’t go out on a limb to say which one of you is superior -you both simply have different things
going for you. That’s also why there’s no need for you to feel inferior or believe that Ryan’s better than
you, and the board meeting is proof enough. No one was backing him up, and that makes it obvious
this is where your strength lies.”

Sam felt as if he had a sun glowing within him, dazzling and warm.

He was certainly surprised that Quinn would praise him so generously. Even if he did not care how
others saw him since he was used to being insulted, he still cared a lot about Quinn’s opinion and
wanted her to acknowledge him.

“Sam,” Quinn said just then, her expression turning serious.” Once we’re done with Saunderia and
everything’s on the

right track, let’s properly give us some thought. I really hope we can make our marriage work and grow
old together.”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded-he could not manage a complete sentence just then.

Happiness had come a little too suddenly, and he wondered if he could consider what Quinn said as a

He was at once thrilled, in bliss, and apprehensive—had his patience in waiting really paid? He was
afraid that it was all just wishful thinking!

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