Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2135 Closer

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Chapter 2135 Closer

Leonel's gaze flickered. The moving formation of the Dwarven Race was incredibly unique.

In his studies within the Void Library, Leonel had learned a lot about the warring habits of the various races. Usually, when launching a siege like this one, most Races relied on siege towers that double as formation foundations. These foundations would become the core of Force Arts that would help the army to move forward and attack while they defended themselves.

These defensive measures tended to be weaker than unmoving Force Arts for obvious reasons, but the one exception to this rule seemed to be the Dwarven Race that managed to have formations that were no weaker at all.

The canons of the fortified city weren't to be taken lightly. These cities had no less investment in them than Starships did, and their attacking methods were no weaker, but the Dwarven Race had managed to weather them with their siege towers without the slightest hiccup.

And then Leonel suddenly appeared.

The beams of light winked out after their power was exhausted. The siege towers of the Dwarven Race shook a great deal and some of the power leaked to the army below, causing many of them to die. But ultimately, the casualties were only in the few hundreds.

Even so, this loss of a few hundreds was more than the city had been able to accomplish in several volleys. It was clear that this Starship was on a completely different level.

This was a true success, but there wasn't a hint of happiness on Leonel's face. He knew that if he fired again without changing anything, he would be lucky if a few dozen died, let alone a few hundred.

In exchange for a slowed pace, the Dwarven Race could adjust the strength of their formations. They were caught off guard, but they wouldn't be caught off guard easily again. However, their speed had plummeted by more than 50%, Leonel had bought the fortified city a great deal of time.

This seemed to be the perfect chance to retreat, but Leonel had no intention of doing so. In fact, the canons of the Starship were already revving again. At the same time, a second Starship appeared, but this one was far larger, the first was only a few kilometers across, but this one was the size of a planet and it dwarfed the entire battle, casting a shadow over everything.

That said, this shadow didn't change much about the terrain. The Void Battlefield was an endless foggy and dull atmosphere to begin with. They were just swapping one form of darkness for another.

Soon, it began to fire on the Dwarven Race as well.

'The beams are about threefolds weaker,' Leonel quickly calculated, 'the larger Starship is even worse, only being about 20% as powerful as usual. That should be due to both the Anarchic Force and the distance of separation.'

"That's enough!" Ronan barked. "Did you think you could change the situation on the battlefield with a few Starships? Do you know how many the Void Palace has on their own? What did you think you could accomplish, don't come here to make a fool of yourself. Continue the retreat!"


Ronan had hardly finished talking when he felt a huge pressure suddenly crush his chest. He was sent flying like a broken kite.

He only managed to stop himself a long while later and could only feel lucky that whoever had hit him had done so across the city walls and not to the ground below.

Unable to hold back, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, holding his chest. He looked up weakly to find a beauty with long, flowing black hair, standing by Leonel's side. He didn't even register when she had appeared.

Ronan coughed again, taking deep breaths.

To be a Domain Ranked Disciple, he had to at least have the strength of most Tier 7 Seventh Dimensional experts. He, himself, was only Tier 6, but with his talent, this was a difficult, but not impossible feat.

But just now, he had been slapped so far away by a single palm from a Tier 1 existence?!

"Demoralize the Human Race again and I'll have my lovely wife pierce through your heart next time. Watch your mouth."

Leonel looked back toward the battle below.

The humans, having gained some relief thanks to Leonel's actions, were able to reverse the situation somewhat.

The siege towers were only designed to take on powerful, large scale attacks. They weren't wasted on small scale attacks from the army's men and women below. As such, that battle was far more level, it was just that the humans were far too outnumbered.

In terms of direct combat, there was no large difference between the geniuses of the Human Race and the Dwarven Race, but a disparity so large...

Leonel, however, seemed to be entirely focused on the siege towers, trying to look for a weakness. At least it seemed so until he suddenly snapped his fingers.

The Starships opened up one after another, billions of armored warriors making their way out.

Their weapons clanged and the sound of surging energy whirred in the ears of the spectators. Their armors began to glow and they were quickly linked with one another.

The Human Domain had seen Leonel's special armors before, but... Those armors had been created on a whim based on a sea creature he had only seen for a small moment before he began. These armors, however, were crafted to perfection.

They were on an entirely different level.

'... I need to get closer.'

Suddenly, Leonel's body flashed and his Divine Armor formed. There was a hint of a frown on his face because it didn't feel nearly as comfortable as it had in the past, but oddly enough, despite this, its strength had actually risen a great deal.

He extended a palm and his black rod appeared.

He stomped his feet hard, launching himself from the very walls Ronan had been fearful to fall from.

Aina frowned as well, but she stayed put, realizing that Leonel wasn't asking for her to participate.

It seemed that Leonel didn't treat this Domain War much differently than he did the Heir Wars he had just conquered...

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