Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2203 Corpse Ship

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Chapter 2203 Corpse Ship

When Leonel's opened his eyes, his gaze was quite sharp. He immediately realized that he wasn't in his own body, something that startled him partially. His first thought was immediately the Valiant Heart Zone. Though, back then, he had been in his own body, he had been dropped into a story that wasn't his own, having already formed relationships with a great deal of people he simply did not know. This seemed to be just a step beyond that, but the body in question was far too odd.

His skin was a greyish hue with a slight tinge of blue. His body was tall, standing at almost four meters, and while he was lean, he was extremely muscular. His hands were powerful and curled with short, but sharp claws, and his head was smooth, without the slightest sign of the hair that he remembered.

His body was covered in tattoos, ancient and deep, seemingly a mixture of an inking and a burning technique that made them slightly elevated but also a rich, dark bronze to dark gold color.

Interestingly enough, he had just been thinking about the Valiant Heart Zone, and his current form of dress was very similar to their style of dress. Thick, white hammer pants covered his lower body, a soft, silky, fabric belt wrapping around his waist and forming a banner that swung between his legs with a powerful Force Art that Leonel couldn't quite decipher immediately.

The only real difference between this uniform and that of the Valiant Heart Mountain was that there was no necklace ornament. Instead, his bare and powerful chest was exposed to the world, rippling with that familiar greyish blue hue.

Finally, there were the steely blue eyes that now reflected from his irises. But within, a ring of violet couldn't be hidden, giving him an even more mysterious air.

Leonel looked down for the first time and realized that he was seated on a throne, one so high up that he overlooked the Earth itself. Before him, there was a fast last of green, filled with flowing water. However, in the center of it all, there was a flat of sand that was surrounded by dunes. In the middle, dozens of workers that looked like smaller versions of himself worked, as for what they were building...

'The pyramids.'

Leonel had never seen them before, outside of pictures, that is. It wasn't even remotely complete now, and most of it was large constructions under the earth, and yet he understood instinctively just what was happening.

What kind of Zone was this exactly? Was it a true recounting of history? But this race didn't exist amongst the many he knew of, and even if they did exist in some other world, what would that have to do with the fact that they were here? This was meant to be history, it wouldn't take into account unrelated parties.

With such looks, they could be mistaken for demons, but Leonel was intimately familiar with the aura of demons. These guys didn't have the same sort of chaotic aura usual of demons. They were clearly a race of beings completely separate.

Of course, it wasn't impossible... they could be like the Oryx, a smaller group of beings with a population size unable to take control of their own Domain. But... why were they so powerful? It felt to Leonel as though he could destroy the world with a snap of his finger, as though a single claw would rip through the fabric of reality, as though a single clench of his fists could bring two realities together and force them to be one...

This group of being, even if there was just one of them at this level of strength, could easily command a Domain, if not the entirety of the Dimensional Verse. What was most shocking was that this strength didn't seem to be regulated by the Regulator at all. It didn't make sense for this to be real history in this case...

But this couldn't be a Mythological Zone either. A Mythological Zone necessitated that it be a prominent legend. Many people had to be aware of it, it had to still be talked about, to still be passed along.

He had simply never heard of these people. It was impossible for them to still be talked about because no one knew about them. Even if this was a legend surrounding the pyramids, it didn't make any sense because there was no conclusive theory on what had happened with the pyramids, there wasn't even a popular guess, it just wasn't talked about enough...

There was another important matter as well. Aside from the fact he had no idea where Aina and Alienor were, the stronger the Mythological Zone, the more prominent its legend could be. The fact that this Zone hadn't appeared until now should mean that it was one of the most significant events in Earth's culture...

That only made it more impossible that it was a Mythological Zone.

Logic all seemed to point to this being a normal Sub-Dimensional Zone. It couldn't even be a Zone placed in the future because it was the pyramids being built right now, this couldn't have been any further in the past if it tried.

Even after all of this thought, he still didn't have any answers, but what was more suffocating than that was that he realized that he didn't have the Segmented Cube or his mother. That meant that he had no method of telling what the goal of his Zone was supposed to be.

His father's dictionary was inside of the Segmented Cube. His mother, with the World Spirit, should be able to tell the goal with just some thought, and yet she was nowhere to be seen as well.

'There is an entry limit of four. If I've taken over the life of someone else, that should mean that they have as well, but more importantly than that they should have taken over the lives of figures just as important as me, whether that be in status or in what role they played in history... In that case...'

Leonel's gaze sharpened. He raised his head, and at that moment, the oddest ship he had ever seen in his life began to descend from above.

Suddenly, his pupils constricted.

No wonder why it was so odd. That wasn't just a ship, it was a ship formed of the corpse of a beast... and not just any beast, but the strongest beast in existence...

The Void Beast.

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