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Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2206 Incomplete World

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Chapter 2206 Incomplete World


The Void Beast's corpse was simply far too sturdy. No matter how hard Leonel punched, it didn't give way, and Shan'Rae only suffered for it all the more. Her body rattled like a drum. Having been caught off guard once, she couldn't seem to find the momentum to retaliate. In the end, she even felt like her life was slipping away from her.

'No way... I can't... I can't die like this.'

If Shan'Rae was confused before, now she was absolutely certain. There was no way that El'Rion would kill her. Although it was still within his personality to punch her like Leonel had before, the consequences of killing her wasn't something that he would be willing to take on. This person was an ant-like existence, but he actually dared to kill her?!

Shan'Rae felt a rage bubble up inside of her, but it was suppressed even more quickly by another one of Leonel's fists. It was absolutely relentless. Each one was plain and simple, and yet they seemed to carry the power of the world.


Shan'Rae roared out, but this roar seemed to take a lot out of her. The glass-like fractures on her skin expanded rapidly and it looked like she might crumble like porcelain in the next moment.

Leonel's pupils constricted. It was the most emotion he had shown in recent days, and the reason was quite simple: he couldn't track Shan'Rae at all.

He dug deep, checking through this race's body to find a kernel of the power he had used previously. But trying to do something like that mid battle, especially when Shan'Rae was as familiar with her own body as she could possibly be, was practically a death sentence.

Leonel barely dodged to the side and his spear-wielding arm shot into the air.

At that moment, his blood dripped down. Despite the ghastly wound, it was shockingly only three drops, three drops of a radiant gold with hidden flecks of royal blue within. But this very blood, when it fell into the body of the Void Beast, collided akin to an atomic bomb dropping on the Earth.


This indestructible Void Beast corpse was blown through with three heavy craters. The blood almost fell through the entire ship, only stopping after blasting through dozens of floors.

Shan'Rae sneered. To think that she would be able to see the mighty blood of the Pluto Race. Although they were on the decline, it hadn't reached a point where one of their prince's could be harmed to this extent. But this was the price to pay for rolling around in a pit of mud with trash.

Her scythe swung again. It was the kind of strike that Leonel couldn't even fathom, it seemed to be impossibly simple, and yet carried the mysteries of a universe within. It was a level of skill she couldn't even begin to grasp, and he couldn't deduce what level her Force Manipulation, or rather, Force Folding was at.

He couldn't react and his leg was taken, those droplets of blood falling once more. However, it was as though the Laws of Reality themselves refused to allow this race of being to bleed too much. Even after losing an arm and a leg, he had only lost six drops of blood.

At the same time, although he had lost two limbs, the coldness in his eyes only deepened.

And then it clicked.

Leonel spun on the tips of his remaining toes, thrusting out his spear with a momentum that shrouded the skies.

Shan'Rae, who had been indifferent and sneering, froze.

A spear shot through her chest, her fragile as porcelain skin collapsing as a black hole forming within the depths of her soul.

Her eyes glazed over.

But just when it seemed that she would truly die, a pressure the likes of which made the both of them look like children appeared.

A figure that dwarfed the size of Earth appeared. In fact, he dwarfed even the Milky Way galaxy. If not for the portion of this mind that he had tapped into, Leonel wouldn't even be able to perceive that it was a living being that had just appeared.

An eye that was impossibly large locked onto Leonel.

"An ant of an incomplete world dares?"

The figure snorted once and Leonel went flying. But this time... It was truly Leonel.

El'Rion stood frozen in place, confusion appearing in his eyes, while Leonel's real body flew out like a broken kite, every bone in his body broken.


Erdiul's Note: Surely it's note another humiliation ''character development'' moment from the author.... I hope I'm wrong. Kind of tired of the author constantly using humiliation as a way to develop his MC's.

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