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Dimensional Descent Chapter 2220 CRACK. free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2220 CRACK.

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Chapter 2220 CRACK.

Leonel remained silent. His calm had returned; he simply let El'Rion speak. He didn't interject; he simply let the Pluto, who he was starting to see more and more like a little boy, speak.

"While Incomplete Worlds are very useful, for many more ways than I listed as well, they're very finicky and difficult to properly control unless you have very specific methods. The Void Race, for example, are able to fuse with Incomplete Worlds; it's the source of the cosmos that covers their bodies. However, without their bloodline, doing something like that is impossible.

This is all to say that entering an Incomplete World as an existence of a Complete World is not easy. Not only are there heavy restrictions on... Dimensional level, but there are also restrictions on how much you are allowed to affect the world.

The descendant of the Fawkes family needed to enter, but he was much too powerful, especially since he had set his sights on ... Earth in particular. We're building this pyramid and a few other structures to absorb the latent potential and weaken it further. Though, it wasn't entirely for this reason either."

El'Rion moved on without explaining. He seemed to take some satisfaction in being able to give Leonel some of the information he wanted, but to also dangle the rest in a place that was impossible to reach. Very childlike, indeed. Leonel was almost in a mood to say that it was adorable. Though, it was hard to say such a thing about a four-meter-tall behemoth.

"To make a long story short, the Fawkes family descendent needed our help to be able to not only enter this world but truly become a part of it. That takes quite a process, but it's not a complete loss. This Incomplete World is quite interesting, and it happened to have a material I've never quite seen before. This Quartz is very interesting. It seems to emit a substantial enough amount of power whenever pressure is applied to it; no other ore quite works exactly like it."

Leonel's gaze narrowed. He had already realized that they were working with quartz, but why would these existences find it to be so interesting? He had already said that there were similar enough materials at higher Dimensions that worked a bit like quartz did, so he didn't believe that El'Rion had never seen anything like this before.

Though Leonel didn't seem to be paying attention, he was entirely focused on El'Rion's words. His pride wasn't overblown to the point of ignoring an easy well of information right before him, even if he didn't ask any questions of his own.

That's right, it seemed that he was still missing something... and then it clicked.

The ores that he was thinking of that were similar enough to quartz had a very clear defining difference. Their energy was... stored while the energy of quartz was innate to its very chemical structure.

For example, a Force Crystal would have a large well of Force within, but it could be easily used up. But not quite in the same sense, the "energy" of quartz doesn't run out. The energy of quartz is an innate property of its chemical structure. Although it can be taken too far, it couldn't be depleted in the same sense.

Leonel had never really made the distinction. To him, wasn't the energy within a Force Crystal part of its chemical structure? This was a difference he had never thought about.

His eyes flashed with a blinding light. Of course not, what a stupid mistake. A Force Crystal was just a vessel capable of holding Force. He had assumed that because they could be purified into Pure Force Crystals, that they were all of one entity, one existence, but this wasn't correct. If he changed the way he viewed this, then...

Leonel entered a hint of a daze. Were the chemical structures of materials and the Force they produced separate?

His finger twitched, and he almost subconsciously called out Little Tolly, but then he realized that because he had taken the little Metal Spirit in as the fourth entry, it had probably fused with the body of an unknown existence by now.

Even so, that didn't stop Leonel's thoughts from running faster and faster.

Foundation Type Ores, Vein Type Ores, Domain Type Ores... if what distinguished them wasn't their Force, but rather how their chemical structures interacted with Force, this would be a huge matter. It would fundamentally change how he approached the Life Grade and the things that he could create. He wouldn't be limited by Force any longer, or more accurately, not to the same extent.

The wind whipped around Leonel, and he suddenly felt that his Divine Armors weren't nearly ambitious enough once again. His enlightened self had no way of knowing how long it would take him to figure this out, so he had made them to the limit of Leonel's understanding, but this... This changed everything.

His mind flashed to the gears that made up his father's dictionary. The way they moved in relation to one another, like a single thought and existence capable of reacting to every order of variable that it should ever meet... The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it resembled the complex lattice structure of a chemical bond, building atop of one another.

Then he thought back to the token that had allowed him to enter the Dimensional Cleanse Trial Zone. Back then, he had to rearrange what almost amounted to the chemical structure of the token, piecing it together and sliding them into their proper position all so that he could open the portal. Wasn't it... just like this too?

'In that case...'

Leonel stretched out a hand, and the earth rumbled. Deep underground, a vibrant piece of quartz broke off and tore through the layers of the ground before snapping into his palm.

His eyes glowed a fiery violet and then...


Leonel vanished, his eyes glazing over. When he appeared again, his heart skipped a beat.

This starry road, that blazing blue star in the distance...

He had entered the Dimensional Cleanse Trial Zone once more.

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