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Dimensional Descent Chapter 2252 Violet Winds free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2252 Violet Winds

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Chapter 2252 Violet Winds

Leonel could guess what the problem was, he just didn't have the time to care about it, or coddle this man's feelings. Just because there was no Vital Star Force Innate Node in this time, didn't mean there wasn't one in his time. And he wanted to find out before he decided what his next step would be.

Every second someone delayed him, was another second that Aina would spend dead. This person was lucky that they were a member of the Luxnix family, or else he would have just directly killed him. Though he knew that time didn't work linearly, he still didn't want to risk what might happen if the wrong person died. But his message was clear and obvious.

Alienor looked at this scene with a complicated expression, but didn't say anything. She knew that her son wasn't in the best of moods, and though she didn't know what he had gone to do in the last few days, she knew that it was definitely related to Aina.

"Be kinder to them, they don't understand," Alienor said after some hesitation.

"I think they understand more than they've told you outright," Leonel responded. "Or more accurately, they haven't repeated it before you in these last few days. But the Luxnix family here isn't the same as the ones we know from our timeline."

The man coughed up a mouthful of blood, his situation quite haggard. If not for the fact he suddenly felt a rising heat charging through his Nodal Pathways, he would have already tried to get up and charge forward. However, he realized that if he was any more reckless, he would burn to ash from the inside out.

Alienor's gaze flickered, but she didn't say anything. After a moment, she turned and began to lead Leonel away. She knew that his words were correct too, but it was difficult to just outright ask questions that she already knew the answer to. It would cause suspicion and make her task more difficult. But that didn't mean that she hadn't done her own research. And that was precisely what she was leading Leonel into.

"I'm not sure what was going on here, but there was a powerful beast located in this region that was overseeing a great deal of things. For whatever reason, though, it never took action personally to wipe the rest of us out as though it was wary of something. But this..."

Alienor stepped out from the underground passageway and into a room of lightly glowing violet.

Leonel's gaze sharpened. As far as the eye could see, there were countless tubes filled with a thick, pale violet liquid. It was far more like a gel than anything else, and it was sturdy enough that it held the humans inside them in place.

This violet liquid... he recognized it. He had definitely felt it from Rychard.

"In the last several years, these three planets have been like a farm... That's the best word that I can use to describe it. 90% of it were factories just like this one, while the remaining 10% were lands more like the ones were just in, and the latter was "ruled" by our Luxnix family. In reality, we were more like farmers, having children, raising them, only to have the majority of them chosen for this sick science experiment.

"I've felt the weight of this Force before, from that Rychard boy. I know I told you that you might be interested in it, but now I'm quite happy that you didn't pay attention to my silly words. I don't know what this Force is, but it... is incredibly dangerous.

"It's quite clear to me that they don't even trust themselves with this power, which is why they've instead chosen to experiment on us, though I don't know why."

Leonel knew exactly why. The Human Race was the very same Race that succeeded in accepting the powers of the God Beasts. Who knew what other kind of potential they might have lying dormant?

This Violet Force, it felt powerful, extremely so. But it was also something that he felt no one person could possibly control because...

The words came to him like a tide.

... Because they broke the fundamental laws of reality.

In these few days, he had only split his attention away from improving his Vital Star Force for a single reason, and that was to talk to one of his prisoners.... Rychard. In that time, he found out exactly what the ability of Violet Force was.

It broke the laws of causality, the most fundamental rules of equivalent exchange. Whatever you gave, you always received more in return. If you punched with 100lbs of force, you would explode with one with 200lbs of power. If you ran at 10 kilometers an hour, you would find yourself at the end of that hour having run 15 kilometers instead.

You could exchange years for more years, time for more time, it was fundamentally impossible in nature, no matter how strong you were, and definitely regardless of how weak you were.

The violet winds rise north.

Leonel felt his body quake and he suddenly violently bent over, his body shaking. He coughed, feeling something within him stir.

"Fuck off," he said coldly.

The stirring figure in the pool of crimson came to a stop, its connection to Leonel being violently ripped apart.

Leonel stood to his full height as though nothing had happened.

"Mom, I'll take these factories with us."

Alienor, who had just gone from worrying about Leonel to confused, couldn't say very much as Anastasia appeared and began to swallow up the factories as though nothing at all had happened.

These were all failures, Leonel knew that. In fact, the fact Rychard continued to live in the Dimensional Verse at all meant that the entire project was a meaningless failure, so much so that they had abandoned them all together.

However, Leonel still took them. As for what he wanted to do with them, maybe only he knew.

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