Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2262 Put Me Down!

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Chapter 2262 Put Me Down!

Wise Star Order chuckled to himself. He didn't know why he was thinking about that woman. Which life was it that he learned how she betrayed him?

He was a Wise Star Order, and that sounded great. But compared to a Northern Star Order, it was worth next to nothing. The reality was that the truth of namesakes of the Luxnix family was much deeper than others knew, and it was something that Wise Star Order had allowed to be buried.

Wise Star Orders were the bookkeepers and zoo keepers of the God Beasts of Creation. It was their job to document all of the races, worlds, and natural phenomena of Existence, not to mention taking care of all species. There was a time where the God Beasts of Creation had at least one pairing of every plant and animal to ever exist.

Of course, that catalog had long since been destroyed, but the ultimate purpose of Wise Star Orders was their mental capacity to remember a lot of things... that was all. So, one could imagine why it was Wise Star Order's wife who was the Matriarch and de facto leader of the family, and not himself.

Northern Star Orders were the true warriors. They were existences that, so long as they came into contact with an adequate well of Light and Star Force, would be guaranteed to touch upon the Golden Tablet and claim the truest Lineage Factor of the Infinity Beasts.

Of course, in this Incomplete World, you would be more likely to enter the Ninth Dimension without the Regulator striking you down than you would be to find a strong enough well of Force. Even in Complete Worlds they were nigh unheard of, mostly destroyed by the God Beasts of Creation.

Not that Wise Star Order would ever allow a Northern Star Order to take such a step even if they had such a thing available... that would be nothing short of suicide. If the other Races knew that humans still had this capability, the small quarter that they had been given to continue to live as a race would be crushed. It could be said that this was the most foolish thing a human could do in this day and age.

And then there was Snow Star Order... This was actually the fault of the English language, the translation wasn't nearly bold or sharp enough. Snow referred now to one of ice water, but rather one of soot and ash. Snow Star Orders were the executioners and messengers of the Infinity Beasts, and they were meant to remain as Snowy Star Owls.

Compared to other humans, they could exhibit much more of the Snowy Star Owl's real strength and they too could cross a galaxy with a single flap of their wings.

Unfortunately, none of the techniques that Wise Star Order had left behind had allowed the Snow Star Order of Leonel's time to display any of that power, which led to her dying at the hand of Velasco.

Then again, Wise Star Order thought to himself, knowing that man, he probably had enough strength to deal with the situation regardless. It was a shame that such a monster was born in this Incomplete World.

Of course, he too was born here. But unlike Velasco, his Luxnix family didn't originate in this world and he also knew how to get out. And with the project abandoned and the Shadow Tails gone, he could leave with his own methods whenever he wanted.

But first... he had a treasure vault to leave behind in the Spirituals Domain.

Was it smart to give this kind of strength to the very disciple he would have to kick the ass of in a few millennia? No. Definitely was not. But he would do it anyway because this was how the first timeline had gone.

Originally, he had left that treasure vault behind in the Spirituals Domain out of sentiment. He knew what was coming and he had a fondness for the human race. Plus, he was leaving behind some of his Luxnix family, so he hoped that they would be able to benefit from his teachings.

As for why he had left it in the Spirituals Domain and not the Human Domain, it was a test. If the people of this Incomplete World wanted any chance of crossing the coming trial, they had to at least dominate this Incomplete World, or else they wouldn't stand a chance against the others.

Very soon, the Vast Bubble would run out of time and they would have to cash in on the bet that the Fawkes had made. In a final push, they would pit the juniors of the Incomplete Worlds against one another, taking advantage of the time dilation for one final spurt of accelerated growth.

Incomplete Worlds were like rolls of the dice. There would be many that evolved down a path far weaker than the Dimensional Verse, but there would be some that had evolved in special niche ways that placed them on par with even some Complete Worlds despite lacking the ability to take the final step into the Ninth Dimension.

These latter worlds were what the Vast Bubble were banking on. They wanted warriors that would be useful and the Dimensional Verse was far too weak. And then, once they gave them a path to the Ninth Dimension, they would have these warriors in the palm of their hands forever.

Velasco was supposed to become one of these warriors, but he had grown too powerful on his own. As for whether they would allow the son of such a man to live... Well...

Wise Star Order laughed into the skies as he landed in the courtyard of his and his "wife's" abode. That brat was harder to kill than a roach, he'd find a way, probably. The only question was how many would die before he did find that path. The answer to that question was more important than anything else.

"XXX? You're here?"

Wise Star Order's mind seemed to filter out his name naturally, at this point he felt that he did it on purpose.

Seeing the face of the woman he knew would betray him, and just how gorgeous, and equally annoying she was, he felt an amused thought bubble up as a bulge in his pants shifted.

The Matriarch of the family looked as though she was about to launch into a lecture. She had only married Wise Star Order because he was the most eligible bachelor, but she usually took out the stress of her position on him. Wise Star Order had never been a push over, but he couldn't defeat this wife of his in the past either so it was useless.

Now, though...

Wise Star Order took a step forward and grabbed her by the waist, halling her over his shoulder and storming into their bedroom.


The protests were soon drowned out by dense cries for mercy filled with a lustful undertone.

Wise Star Order had an excellent time subduing this wife of his. It wouldn't change much about the future, but he didn't care for it to. It would be even more interesting later. His life was just getting started.

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