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Dimensional Descent Chapter 2270 What Cost? free read Here - AngerNovel
Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2270 What Cost?

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Chapter 2270 What Cost?

Leonel's words were grating on the ears. Offerings? It was like he was implying that he was a King and they were his servants come to pay the taxes for a year out of a faint hope that he might give them enlightenment.

They had seen Leonel battle, his schemes, his intelligence, there was a next to 0% chance that he had misspoken. He picked this word on purpose. Every step of the way, he was showing his indomitable will. He wouldn't take a step back before these families.

Micarth's expression darkened, but he reined in his distaste. He was already in a partially compromised position, although the Suiard family had sent him here precisely as a show of strength and power. They now had the greatest influence in the Void Palace and the future generations of the Human Domain's protectors, and no one else could do anything about it.

The momentum of the Morales was something they had to cut down at all cost. Although the Omann and Spirituals Religion was seen to be on the same level, the reality didn't exactly play out like that.

For one, the most powerful families and organization was six, not four. There was still the Void Palace and Shield Cross Stars. Everyone knew that though they were "neutral," they could tip the scales whenever they so chose.

Secondly, the Omann family had the shield of being a Crafters family and normally stayed out of most conflicts, the Heir Wars was a rare instance of their participation and it was fairly well acknowledged that this was a combination of both extenuating circumstances-Leonel taking control of both Earth and the Morales-in addition to the Scorned Queen Beauty's more... personal feelings.

Then there was the Spirituals Religion. Their reputation had taken quite some hit after the Emperor of the Spirituals was defeated by Velasco even while having the aid of so many experts, not to mention the fact that Velasco had very clearly been injured by some mysterious force. This could even be why they had chosen to come despite the fact their Heiress hadn't died at Aina's hands, she had only lost her body.

But the truth was still the fact that the Spirituals Religion was almost always neutral in all matters and the Heir Wars was yet another exception.

Due to all of this, the families most used to butting heads for supremacy over the Human Domain was the Morales and Suiard families. If one surpassed the other, the other obviously wouldn't be able to tolerate it. This was why the Suiard family had pulled so many strings to place Micarth in this position, and he had to represent them well.

Micarth had matured a great deal in the last over 20 years, and his control over his temper was more fit for a middle aged man although he did still look not much older than Leonel. So, he spoke with far more calm than what his heart was experiencing.

"Your words are a bit inappropriate, Morales Patriarch. These are not offerings, they are not gifts either, they are payment in exchange for the lives you've ripped from the Human Domain."

"Oh?" Leonel's brows shot up. "Indeed, I guess that is the case. I seem to remember that I gave quite a fair warning, though. And some people overestimated themselves and chose to ignore it."

Leonel's smile was just the same, and everyone remembered exactly what he was talking about, and yet as though to drive home the point, he waved a hand.

The words he had spoken that day rung again. As many as he saw was as many as he would kill.

"As I see it," Leonel continued, "it's an act of kindness on my part to provide this opportunity. So, before I take it away, I would advise that you curb the edge in your tone. I use the word offerings because that is exactly what they are. The lives of your lost geniuses aren't worth even a single hair on my head, and yet they all entered with only two purposes."

"The first was to trample the dignity of the Morales by proving that the geniuses of your families were superior, and the second was to kill me."

Leonel's smile was just the same, but his words were cutting. Inwardly, Micarth was flustered, Leonel continued to be far more direct and scathing than he expected. He had come here with the thought that the sharpest words spoken would be under cloak and dagger, hidden in trap-laced sentences and paragraphs of subterfuge.

But that wasn't what he received at all. Leonel was coming right at them, and his words and expression might be coated in a thin layer of politeness, but it was exactly that... thin.

"These offerings are to appease my anger, to allow your families and organizations a chance to raise your heads and attempt to compete with me again, as ill-fated as your geniuses will be if they should choose to do so. But don't misunderstand the situation."

"The power to return their lives to you lies in my hands and my hands alone. The choice to use said power lies in my hands and my hands alone. Do you understand?"

Leonel's Emperor's Charm was so imposing that Micarth almost cracked, involuntarily mouthing the word "yes". But luckily, in the last moment, he managed to stifle his throat, choking down the sounds of the coming word and instead entering a fit of coughing as though food had gone down the wrong pipe.

"Now, I'll repeat myself for the only time today," Leonel's smile beamed. "Dear guests, I assume you've come with the offerings?"

A silence fell.

The elders of the Morales had mixed reactions, though they were sharp enough not to show it on their faces. Many felt a bone deep satisfaction, many more felt that the end of the world was coming, and even those that did feel satisfied began to tremble inwardly afterward, experiencing what one might after an extremely greasy meal.

It was delicious... but at what cost?

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