Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2275 Undefeatable Position

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Chapter 2275 Undefeatable Position

Leonel looked at them, and he could see that they didn't understand. Or, maybe they did, and they just didn't understand how far it could go. Sure, Seventh Dimensional existences would be the backbone of any powerful army, but how many of them could Leonel use it on at once? And let's say that he could use it on an infinite number and practically cripple their battle strength, what good was it against Ancestors?

Even if the Morales wiped the floor with every Seventh Dimensional expert the others could throw at them, when their Ancestors were all defeated beneath the sheer numbers they would be forced to face, what good would it do?

Once all the Morales Ancestors were dead, the Ancestors of the opposing families would just turn their attention toward them, and then what? They would all be massacred to the last man. No amount of advantages and help would close the gap between the Seventh and Eighth Dimensions.

"Your worries aren't warranted. You know as well as anyone that the Ancestors didn't want me to become Patriarch, at least not so easily, and yet what happened?"

The elders froze. Indeed, Alvaro and Issa weren't happy at all; an Overlord had even appeared. They had forgotten about this matter because they just chalked it up to the Overlord taking favor upon Leonel, but was that really what happened?

"It doesn't really matter whether you believe me or not, though, at least not for now. Because you've understood the first point well enough. There is no taking a step back; there is only forward now, and we can only walk that path together."

Leonel grinned. "What I can help you with, though, is all that worry."

He snapped his finger, and a soul appeared. It took shape and quickly formed a vibrant violet armor. It was a behemoth of a man, and they immediately recognized him as the genius of the Taur family, Armand. But now...

Armand took a knee before Leonel, his gaze filled with subservience. "Greetings, KING!"

"Tell me, Armand. What is the structure of the Taur family armies."

"Yes, King! The Taur family has a total of 200,000 Tier 9 God Path Seventh Dimensional experts. They're led by the General of Earth, the General of Love, the General of War, and the General of Strength, each one a Junior Ancestor with exceptional combat prowess. We have six Ancestors. Ancestor Orion, Ancestor Pleiades...

"... The greatest trump card of our Taur family, at least as far as I know, King, is the Constellation Formation, as it is for all Constellation families. Gathering together all six Ancestors, and the pride of our family, the Constellation can enter a sort of berserk state that allows the Ancestors to tap into greater power. This trump card can only be used while within our territory, but it is exceptionally powerful. The time of use should vary from family to family, but it lasts about three hours for us.

"Some other trump cards include the First Ancestor's Battle Axe. It is a Life Grade weapon and it has a Life Steal ability. It is said that our First Ancestor was a Blood Sovereign and had exceptional Earth Affinity. He was able to forge this weapon despite not being a Crafter, and when used in the hands of an Ancestor, their stamina is as unlimited as their number of kills. So long as the blade tastes blood, the Ancestor will never falter.

"Another trump card..."

Armand continued to talk, holding nothing back and filling the hall with so much information that even the elders felt overwhelmed. Was there such a thing as too much information? How would they even take advantage of all of this, but seeing Leonel's laughter, and remembering what he had done during the Heir Wars, they felt a unique weight being lifted up and off their shoulders.

Leonel didn't even wait for Armand to finish; this was all a farce. He had already documented and stored all this information, both physically and in his mind. The plans he had for each and every family were on a completely different level, but what was more amusing than this was what he would do first.

With a thought, Leonel brought out a powerful ore that exuded a great amount of pressure. It was an Eighth Dimensional Ore, one that had only been produced in Morales lands, and of course he had taken it without asking. But very soon, they would understand why.

With a smile, he spoke. "[Breathe]."

Armand shuddered with excitement, and his soul was suddenly absorbed into the orb.

This ore was known as Blood Diamond Ore. It was one born in the depths of thick combat and blood, and it carried aspects of Blood Force and Earth Force, ironically an ore that was a perfect match for the First Ancestor Taur's weapon.

The ore boomed and expanded, and soon a fully armored, and more importantly, flesh-covered Armand appeared.

This was the true use of Breathe. With an adequate sacrifice, a soul he forced to Arise would gain permanence beyond the 24-hour period. The more talented the soul, the more powerful it was, the higher the required sacrifice.

This Blood Diamond Ore was actually far more than what Armand needed, but Leonel could also use Breathe as a proxy to strengthen his souls as well.

When the process was complete, he could decide the new construction's level of autonomy. If he wanted its growth potential, he would have to give it more autonomy. If he wanted its immediate strength and complete loyalty far more, then he would restrict its autonomy. Though, he could change these matters later so long as he did it within a certain time frame.

And of course, he had chosen to restrict Armand's autonomy.

Leonel grinned. "Return to your family."

"Yes, King!"

Armand rushed away without even glancing toward the Morales Ancestors.

Leonel beamed, raising up the Silver Tablet.

"I can resurrect people with this tablet and they'll be complete and whole. Or, I can resurrect people with a sacrifice and my strength, in which case they'll be completely under my control.

"I think you've all forgotten. I meant it when I said we are in an undefeatable position.

"No matter how many below Ancestor-level brothers and sisters die, so long as they are a Morales, I can bring them back."

The Morales Elders were beyond shaken for the final time that day.

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